HR Victoria Fish & Chips Meet Report

Eleven Sprinters, freezing cold weather and over priced fish & chips pretty much sums up the second Victorian HR monthly meet up, but all was not lost – we still had a day dedicated to our collective AE86’s!

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!

Our second meet-up ever started off with a meeting at Albert park where I expected around half of the cars from the last meet to come, due to the ridiculously cold Melbourne weather, but to my surprise a total of eleven Sprinters arrived! There were people from the previous meet, as well as some new AE86 owners who just purchased their cars a couple of weeks ago and wanted to see how the ‘real-life’ AE86 community was all about. It was also good to see some familiar faces of the people who originally started the AE86 community back a few years ago.

We also had HR member ‘toyoda’ who brought along his TRD Aurion, and another member brought his unique 3S-GE BEAMS powered SV21 Camry. Unfortunately my Sprinter is still not finished so I brought along my daily AE92 beater.

After the gathered bunch waited an hour for the late straddlers to arrive we went for a very short cruise to Rex Hunt’s (you know yibbida yibbida..) Fish & Chips shop in Port Melbourne. There we paid for our extremely over-priced fish and chips (with no free tartar sauce either mind you…), sat in the freezing cold and discussed anything and everything AE86.

It was a great meet despite the cold, and the warm attitudes of the Melbourne crew helped keep things fun. Hopefully we will see you all again at the next HR meet in July! Keep an eye on the forums for the times, locations and dates!

Trueno like a stick in the mud amongst its Levin brothers (or sisters?)

Got dish baby?

Kouki Levin front clips are pure sex.

Battle Spec. Love the SSR Mark 3’s

There was a car there we swear…

Takumi would be proud.

Full face levin tail lights aren’t a very common occurrence with everyone opting for Kouki options.

Gangsta lean

New school TRD crew check in. Aurion… if only you were RWD…

The brothers from another mother.

Red Red Red.. with another Red one of the way ;)

Photos: Huy Nguyen Photography.

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