Brisbane HR Meet-Up

More long weekend Hachiroku madness as the Brissie lads got out to the first HR meet up of many to come. Held at the ‘Channel 8’ BBQ area on Mt Cootha (named due to being situated between channel 7 and channel 9 televison broadcast towers), the meet saw over 15 cars in a great turnout despite the rainy weather.

QLD HR Event organiser Shane’o brought the sausages and the Iron Chef powers to feed the guys when they tired of ogling some hot AE86’s.

Check out the pics after the jump thanks to HR Forum member xsoarerx.

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2008 AE86 Festival Coming Up!

Not long now until the mecca of AE86 gatherings is upon us again! August 31st will see the insanity of the AE86 Festival in Okayama International Circuit return with the official AE86 N2 race, show and shine, swap meet and even an area to buy new parts right there at the show!

If you’re unfamiliar with the AE86 Festival which has been happening for over 10 years now, check out 7TUNE’s write up of last years event – you never knew such a heaven ever existed until now.

A perfect way to end the Japanese summer, so if you’re in Japan make the long trek out to OIC, it’s definitely worth it!

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Team Kaizen Destroys Sandown 400

This long weekend heralded the Midas Sandown 400, but the V8 “Supertaxi’s” weren’t the only thing on the agenda. Raceline events had organised for there to be some drift demonstrations from Queensland’s “Stadium Drifters”. Part of this group included two long-time HR members, Josh ‘Uncle’ Young and Sam ‘Random’ Holz driving their twin red-baron “Team Kaizen Garage” AE86 Trueno’s.

Looking like their cars had just rolled out of the paint oven, Josh and Sam were ready to let loose on the Sandown circuit. Sam’s Turbo 4A-G powered ’86 was flawless and lasted the whole weekend unscathed. Josh’s 1UZ-FE giant on the other hand suffered a little nudge to the apparently cursed rear quarter and a blown gearbox seal – but that was nothing that the guys couldn’t fix.

A total of 8 cars came down for the event with only 4 left standing by the end of the weekend. The carnage included blown engines, blown gearboxes and blown turbos with many smaller problems being the ire of some, but Sam and Josh both drove away with their AE86’s still purring like they had come.

Now that’s built Toyota tough.

Hit the Jump for more photos care of Huy Nguyen Photography.

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Ever Wonder Why AE86’s Are So Rare?

This is one reason… Ouch….

Photo: NZAE86

Initial D Coming To PS3

With a title like ‘Exteme Stage’ it’s hard not to crack up laughing but the game looks pretty damn good!

Check out the video care of YouTube

Yates With Podium Finish At Mallala

In the most recent round of Drift Australia, a fortnight ago at Mallala in South Australia, Beau Yates drove the wheels off his TRD backed BEAMS 3S-GTE-powered AE86s to stand on the podium in second place.

This is a welcome return to the podium that Yates has been fighting for after having some bad luck and poor performances in the first two events of the season. The win at Mallala may be the kick start that Yates needed to return to the form he showed in 2006 which saw him take out the Drift Australia title. With Yates sitting in 3rd spot on the table hes sitting in a strong position to take out this seasons title.

Good luck in Eastern Creek Beau, you have the support of all the AE86 drivers in Aus behind you!

Photos from the event after the jump.

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Powersports AE86

Our mates over at 7Tune have got a mini feature on the Powersports Levin Coupe. A mental track car in its own right, there is an entire write up with heaps of pics at 7Tune. Here’s an excerpt from the article to pique your interest.

The Powersports Levin looked and sounded great out on the circuit, it was revving noticeably higher than a lot of the other cars with its MSC Ignition Module governed 9,400rpm rev limit. The main contributor to that special sound were the Keihin FCR Carburetors. Normally found on motorcycles, the four in line FCR carburetors use flat slide throttle valves for the best in throttle response and flow control.

Check out the Entire article over at 7Tune.

AutoBody Miyazato Twin Dori!

Chris from Team Hinga over in sunny Okinawa is a mainstay of the drifting scene over there and has had more than his share of ‘girls’ as he likes to call his AE86’s. Along with his other servicemen mates, they are taking it to the natives and showing them how its done.

Last weekend Chris and the Team Hinga crew set off to whats affectionately known as ‘The Bullring’ track in Okinawa and had what looks to be a pretty damn good day of hard drifting. A massive bunch of pics from the event after the jump.

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AE86 Wins @ Rally of Canberra!

Remember Ben Cullen with his Group A Rally TTA Levin coupe Replica we showed you last month? Well at the Rally of Canberra on May 10-11, his trusty little Sprinter took out the F16 Class win! I’ll leave you with his comments after the jump to full summise the weekends trials and tribulations that got them to the top of the podium.

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Team Mouse!!

Here you will witness the best AE86 drift team currently still together… The one and only Team Mouse in full flight… man i love the team drift action!! (taken from Drift Tengoku #37)