OEM Fresh Trueno With a Turbo BEAMS Twist


Illmotion has a unique grasp on some of the Canada’s cleanest builds. This time it’s Orlando Tan’s 1986 Corolla GT-S, otherwise known as a Sprinter Trueno outside of North America – but this factory-spec minter has an ace up it’s sleeve…

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Help Support: Tomei Titanium Exhaust


HRs own Allen Lorenzo who works at Tomei Powered in Japan has been striving for years to push Tomei produce more AE86 parts, but after a lot of persuading it’s about to get better! He writes:

AE86 brothers, your support is needed! It has taken me years of persistence and finally I am close!

The head management at Tomei Powered Inc in Japan is now considering going ahead with the development and production of a Full Titanium cat back system for the AE86!

Yes that’s right, FULL as in the piping and hanger arms are completely 100% Titanium!
The only parts that aren’t Titanium are: 

– The springs that connect the piping.
– The Clamp Band that connect the piping.

However, the prototype hasn’t been made yet, so more details will come later if it gets the go ahead.

FYI: The Tomei EXPREME Ti for the MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 10: weight comparison is:

– Stock is 20.05kg (44.2lbs) 
– Tomei EXPREME Ti is 4.4kg (9.7lbs) 

For full details on the product, view the official blog here.

Ref: My Toda Racing stainless steel cat back system weights around 16-18kg from memory.

As you all know, the key characteristic of the AE86 is being lightweight. For those of you whom have been fortunate enough to have a right in a sub 800kg AE86, at full throttle, high speed drift or at the limits of circuit driving, will understand the difference.

So I urge you all, please complete this simple online survey, so that the key members at Tomei can see your valued comments.

In the comments at the end; please feel free to add any other requests.
Even suggestions on: 

– Pipe diameter size (due to regulations in events or laws in your country/region).
– Layout (over the rear axle or under it).
– Tail tip diameter; nice cool subtle size or a big ass American sized cannon! 
– The exit angle of the tail pipe (straight out or on an angle)
– Straight / De-cat pipe; (do you want it included with the kit or not).

Complete the survey HERE

PS: Even if you’re not going to buy it, please spread the word and get as many enthusiasts  as possible to complete this form!

AE86 Reproduction Metal Body Parts


That’s right. Manufacturing of some of the long out-of-production metal body panels for the 3-Door (hatchback) AE86 are underway again.

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Brothers In Arms: HR Interview Vu & Van Quach


It’s not often that you see two street-driven cars this well presented and tastefully modified. It’s even more uncommon that they originate from the same family garage.

But in this case, where brotherly admiration and excitement for one car has spiraled out of control, you have possibly the two most succinct, and complete pair of hachirokus Australia has seen in years.


Some of you 86 die-hards reading this have choosen to stick with one car and toil away, others are up to the count of ‘several’ chassis of chopping and changing, swapping panels and engines and buying whole projects just for parts and papers.

However, these brothers from Melbourne’s south-east have seen over 10 different AE86s between them since 2002, and have now reached, what they consider, their final ‘masterpiece’ hachiroku builds.

So we thought to ourselves, ‘What inspires dedication this intense? What drives two guys to search endlessly for the perfect AE86?’. So we asked them!

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Initial D: Fifth Stage Ep’s 3 & 4


So far only the Low Quality 360p raws are out and subbed. SAGE fansubs is waiting for the 720p HD rip, but for now you can watch them here:

Episode 3 – 360p LQ English Subtitle (360p LQ with Closed Captioning)

Episode 4 – 360p LQ English Subtitle (360p LQ with Closed Captioning)

HEEL & TOE: Sweet Oblivion T-Shirt Pre-Order

Pretty freakin’ cool eh? Just like Initial D, just with 100% less Takumi!

The boys over at Sweet Oblivion are taking your pre-orders for their killer new shirt featuring a clutch kickin’ N2 madman, so jump over there now and snap one up!

’86 Essentials: Identifying AE86 Tail Lights

We’ve covered it before, but thought it was deserving of a improvment! Redlines, Whitelines, Fullfaces and Sprinters, we’ve all heard these terms before but do you really know the differences?

Hit the jump for THE definitive guide to identifying the different AE86 tail lights!

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Uchibori / Works KitoKito N2 Levin

You might recognise this red and silver glitter paintjob from the Uchibori / Work’s KitoKito Trueno sister car driven by Hideyuki Uchibori in the N2 series in Japan, but the N2-spec 1983 Levin GTV you see above is owned and driven by Akira Takahashi.

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Wallpaper Wednesday: Import Bible x Maiham x TRA Kyoto FR-S

Import Bible teams up with talented media group Maiham Media and Japanese shop TRA Kyoto to create high-resolution wallpapers of the popular wide body Rocket Bunny kit for the Scion FR-S.

Seen early this month TRA Kyoto’s is the talk of the community as of lately. Wallpapers are available in different sizes and are free for personal use over at the Import Bible website.

Initial D Fifth Stage Episode 1 English Subs

Out now thanks to SAGE Fansubs:

“Hey hey hey it’s Initial D, finally. The early airing caught me off my guard.

Yes, we know the raw is shit. It’s the best one we could find.

The problem is, next week we might not even be able to find any raw. It starts airing on Animax PPV, and NOBODY gets that channel.

If you can hook us up with raws, let me know. Otherwise the rest won’t get subbed until the Blurays come out.”

Let’s hope not! I wonder if Japanese animation companies will ever release Japanese Blu Rays with english subs. I know I’d buy them!