Rockstar AE86 Wallpaper


Seeing as it’s Toyota month at SPEEDHUNTERS, they have been killin’ it with AE86 content and today is no different.

Paddy McGrath offered to send over this desktop image as his contribution to Toyota Month. Thanks Paddy! Last time I saw Eric O’Sullivan’s Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored AE86, it was being unpeeled from a concrete wall at the Red Bull Drifting World Championship…. The damage looked terminal to my eye,  but hopefully the car has been repaired this winter.

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Fast & Furious AE86??


RS200 Ford VS an AE86? Hopefully the car in shot stays in one piece… Not a particularly fair battle but who knows, they might put some Initial-D ‘magic’ in there…. Will this lead to another explosion of ‘Furious Tax’? Do you like seeing the AE86 in mainstream media or not? Let us know your opinions on the comments!

T10’s Twin Truenos


Who would’ve thought two guys from Turn10 (the studio behind Forza Motorsport 2 on the XBOX360) own AE86s? They decided to get together to shoot these two pristine examples one afternoon when the sun was shining through the clouds of Northern California.

Art’s Trueno is just straight cleanliness. Definitely one of the cleanest, well maintained Corollas in the area, and when I first found out he owned one I got really excited. Not only can we talk shop about our favorite 80’s econobox, but we can also do cool things like taking pictures of our prized possessions.

As you can see we are both rocking the “Kouki” (late model) front end, with his being the factory JDM front (pure hotness). Add in some Volks, some nice suspension, the cleanest 86 engine bay I’ve seen in a while and you have Art’s Corolla. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s owned this car for nearly 5 years, creeping up on OG rolla status.

Get over to the T10 Studios blog and check them out!

20v Versus 16v! Fight!!

Persoanlly I’m proud to have a redtop 16-Valve in my AE86! What’s your preferrered flavour of 4A-G? Let us know in the comments!

Luxembourg Style


In regards the AE86, Europe is a diverse mix of all different styles of modifying. In Germany, the classic “European” styling trend is to take a Levin coupe, make minimal modifications and fit a set of Atiwe or Ronal wheels. On the contrary, in England and Ireland the style is more of a copy of the Japanese trends with each countries little touches thrown in.

It seems somewhere half way between these two points, around the Benelux countries, these styles clashed and the result is something unique. One such car which reflects this perfect combination, taking something from both parts of the world, is this Kouki Levin from Luxembourg.

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AJPS FC RX-7 Brake Adaptor Kit


Now the AE86 might not be the most powerful nor the heaviest car out there, but it needs to stop well just the same as any other car out there. The standard brake set-up on the upper AE86 models were adequate for the stock engine, but seeing as most of us are running with more power they should be upgraded to suit.

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A Swiss Visits Japan!


Hi everybody, Tobias here! I’m HR’s first international blogger and this will be my first blog entry here! As a first post I would like to share some impressions from my 2008 trip to Japan, of course focused on our beloved Hachiroku!

We arrived on a very humid Thursday in late August in Narita, Tokyo. We jumped on the limousine bus to the city and already had plans for the upcoming weekend!

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HR Victoria Photoshoot Meet


Our first HR Victoria monthly meet of 2009! This month we just planed to have a low key meet which included some beers at one of my favourite cafes called Cafe Garage. Its the only place I know of where you can park your car inside the cafe! Beers flowed and everyone had a blast. Festivities were followed by a photo-shoot at the top of South Melbourne Market with us hoping to catch the skyline of Melbourne as the backdrop. Unfortunately we got there too late and it was to dark to take any good photos, but we did manage to get one decent photo! (Thanks Peter!)

Stay tuned for next months HR Victoria monthly meet which will involve some cruising on one of the twisty roads around Victoria….

Tsukuba AE86 Racin’


Of all the tracks in all the world, what other circuit name can get you as excited as Tsukuba?  The Green Hell comes close but Tsukuba is where all the action goes down in our awesome world of hachiroku!

Alexi over at noriyaro has once again provided us disciples of the church of AE86 with a juicy sermon.

A while back when I took the Skyline to go drifting at Tsukuba Circuit, there was a series of AE86-only one-make races being held by Option2 magazine and Ken Sato’s Mercury workshop on the same day. The drifting sessions were filling the dead time between races, which was the main event of the morning.

Naturally, there were a whole bunch of very quick hachirokus there competing in the roughly ten-minute races, running the gamut from expertly tuned and prepared to completely boro and awesome.

The fastest car was Tsutomu Suzuki, driving his #18 Cashiew Trueno (pictured), with a best lap time of 1’02.885. Hibino competed in the race in his SR20 turbo D1 Levin, and came fifth overall.

Jump over there now and check out the sh*t-ton of pics… I just love the one without the rear windscreen… BORO!

More HR Tips & Tricks!


Here are some more cheap and easy tips and some nifty tricks for you and your AE86! Cooler engine temps, cleaner air, and some blingin’ wheels the easy (and cheap) way!

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