AJPS FC RX-7 Brake Adaptor Kit


Now the AE86 might not be the most powerful nor the heaviest car out there, but it needs to stop well just the same as any other car out there. The standard brake set-up on the upper AE86 models were adequate for the stock engine, but seeing as most of us are running with more power they should be upgraded to suit.

HR supporters and all round nice guys AJPS have got another special deal on for those of you who want to stop fast!  This kit will allow fitment of the most popular brake upgrade in Japan: The Mazda FC RX-7 brake calipers to 262mm plain or slotted rotors onto the AE86 strut. I can hear those neckbearded, anorak-wearing tech heads already muttering about unsprung weight but FEAR NOT my pocket protected friends, the upgraded brake set-up weighs in at only 9.9Kg, where the standard AE86 set-up weighs 9.0Kg!  The AE86 racers in the Improved Production series here in Aus are known to use and abuse these brakes so if you’re up to it, so are they!

They will fit under most designs of 14-inch wheels and wont affect your offset since they mount the normal way. Tested on 15×8 off-4 Superlights (no spacer required), 14×8 off -6 Watanabe using a 5mm slip on spacer and 14×7 off+8 MA61 using an 8mm slip on spacer.  For those guys who want to be 100% sure, Dave from AJPS says you’ll need 95mm of backspacing to clear the calipers.  To make the most of the new sized rotors and twin pot brakes, an R32 Skyline (NA) master cylinder rebuild kit is also available!

Regular Price Rundown

RDA Rotors 262×20 vented (ready to bolt on) $189 pair plain or $289 pair slotted
AJPS Adapters (with bolts) $289 pair
ADR-Approved braided brake lines $189 pair
FC Caliper rebuild kits $130 pair
Lucas Hi-Temp Pads from $88
Shipping around $40 Australia Wide (enquire for international rates)

The only thing not included are the FC calipers themselves, these you will have to source yourself.

HR Blog Special

Plain rotors and mounting adapters – $449 shipped to anywhere in Aus (normally $520)
Slotted rotors and mounting adapters – $550 shipped to anywhere in Aus (normally $620)

Only 10 sets available so ACT FAST! Email Dave at sales@ajps.com.au to secure your set!



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