More HR Tips & Tricks!


Here are some more cheap and easy tips and some nifty tricks for you and your AE86! Cooler engine temps, cleaner air, and some blingin’ wheels the easy (and cheap) way!


The cheapest and easiest way to increase the cooling under your bonnet, is to raise the back of the bonnet from its hinges. By doing this you create a venturi effect, where by air flowing from the front has some where to escape akin to a Mitsubishi EVO bonnet vent.

You can raise the bonnet on its hinges in a number ways. You can add a number of washer to the under side of the bonnet and bolt it back on to the hinge, or use a nut and tighten against the bonnet and then again bolt it back to the bonnet. This will raise the rear of the bonnet creating and air path for the hot to flow out from!


So you’ve forked a motza for a new JDM branded filter, and then got stuck driving down a bumpy ass dirt road, rally stylez (dont laugh, AE86 Annual ’08 anyone?) You could go and buy a the K&N filter cleaner oil or if your a cheap ass you can try this.

You’ll need a small amount of petrol, in a bucket or ice cream container. Dunk said dirty filter in the petrol and swish around, until clean, leave to stop dripping and put back on. Dont want to waste precious petrol? Use throttle body cleaner instead, just spray on and swing around to remove dirt and grime.  But it’s wet and has fuel or throttle body cleaner on the filter element I hear you say? That’s fine, take it for a drive and enjoy the slight power increase of the atomised accelerant on the filter…


Mucky or grimy wheels? simple and effective, all you need is baking/bi-carb soda and water! Mix a spoonful of the soda and water, and using a stiff sponge or tooth brush (perfect for getting the the gaps in mesh wheels) and wipe on and leave for a about 10 mins and them scrub off!  The longer you leave it the grime it takes off! Be sure n0t to use to stiff a brush or scourer other wise you will scratch the surface of the wheels.


Want that little bit more power for a dyno run or the extra edge over your mate? 2 things you can do that will give you a hand full of horses! One, add some octane booster or injector cleaner. The more octanes you add the more power you can make! Two, clean your spark plugs! Wire brush them, spray them with throttle body cleaner, and screw them back in! It wont give you much more power but it helps burn the fuel in the combustion chamber better.


Want to go faster at the track? Strip the interior. Simple really. Carpets, seats, sound deadening, spare wheel, stereo, consoles, door cards, panels… take it out! It worked for Colin Chapman and LOTUS, and will work for you too!

That’s all for this installment of tips and tricks! While some of you may be old and wise, rememeber when you were just starting out? Tips like this are a goldmine to newcomers to the scene and we hope you newbies enjoy em! Long live the AE86!


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