AutoArt 1/18 AE86 Initial-D Version


AutoArt, the purveyors of some of the finest replica models on earth, have released their new 1/18 scale AE86 Trueno. However this time they have gone after the Initial-D franchise and have very accurately represented Takumi’s original-spec hachiroku.


Pretty hefty box means it arrives safe-n-sound! Plus some rad manga art too!


Watanabes, foglights and a tofu-ten sticker, what more can you want?


The attention to detail is stunning! Everything is perfect!


Even has the rain visors!


Red zenki Trueno GT Apex interior with the cup of water and Italvolanti Admiral steering wheel! (thanks GAKi86 for the tip!)


Even has the custom sun-roof type roof liner. Here’s a hidden bit of trivia from the cartoon, the car was never equipped with a sunroof, yet Bunta fitted the roof liner just for the front-mounted map lights!


Certainly not the TRD AE101 Group-A 20-valve, but damn good either way!

You can pick it up at Carland, however at 13000 yen it wont come cheap! Let’s hope they release a carbon-laden 20-valve rockin’ Project D edition next!

Images: Carland

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12 Responses to AutoArt 1/18 AE86 Initial-D Version

  1. Ben says:

    man i bought a toy from coles for $4.99 so i can hang it off my rear view mirror but this shits all over it

  2. adam says:

    yes.. yes, lets hope for the carbon-laden 20-valve project D edition.
    then ill try and find the folding stuff to own one..

  3. genkin says:

    I saw one of these when I was visitng Carland the other day. These look very tidy!
    I still wish for a panda Levin 2door though

  4. gaki86 says:

    RULE NUMBER ONE!!!!! DO NOT PLACE TOY CARS OR MODELS IN YOUR CAR EXPOSED UNDER THE SUN!!! coz i wasted one T_T it was an awesome chinese rip off it had a pop up headlights and opening doors nice place for it is in the din just under the stereo

  5. Sotiros says:

    Awesome looking model, I saw one at carland last week. You can get them cheaper, I saw one in a model shop at akihabara for $9800. Was very tempted, but just too pricey

  6. GAKi86 says:

    howdy folks ive been doing a bit of research of the steering wheel itself, and one thing that many people will recognise about that item is the price itself its fkin crazy!!! ITALVOLANTI (MOMO) and also ive been diggin up some pics about the steering wheel itself it appear that could hardly be a formel model and more like the admiral model, the horn button are not placed on the steering wheels grip material but more like on the spoke cover, where the formel model sits on the grip rubber material… speaking of italvolantis hehe i just bought one!!!

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  8. sport says:

    wil autoart make rest of the car models from Initial D? I sure many would love to collect the most important ones
    Mazda Savanna Infini III RX-7 (FC3S)
    Nissan SilEighty/Sil80 (RPS13)
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type R Version V(GC8)
    Mazda RX-7 Type R FD3S

  9. davun says:

    hi, may i ask a question at (5) said that the model shop akihabara for $ it the price for the Autoart initial D trueno 1/18? in yen or ringgit? thanks.

  10. davun says:

    thanks..then it’s not that pricey at all. now the price is US$300.
    do u know any i can get in the market now?

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