Melbourne HR Swap Meet – THIS SUNDAY!


Don’t forget guys and gals, this Sunday we’re having our first ever HR Swap Meet in Melbourne! Doesn’t matter if it’s an AE86 or any other Toyota, just bring your bits along and trade up!

Date & Time
Sunday 10th May 2009 @ 2PM

Meeting Point
Brimbank Park (last carpark). End of Park Drive @ Keilor VIC 3033

See you there!

Hachi Roku Hanami


’86 blogger Hatti gets in on the sakura season with some hanami of his own ‘Corolla’ Levin. Trying my best to get a high resolution of this one for a wallpaper so until then, enjoy!

Levin & Trueno Magazine Volume 21!


The new Levin & Trueno Magazine is out!  Volume 21 features the 2009 way to do a 20valve swap properly, with all of the difference approaches covered in detail as well as a feature on how to build a hachiroku for ‘adult spec’ – the procedure to keep your AE86 long-term!

Pop by your local Japanese bookstore and grab your copy today! We can do mail orders for a small service fee for those of you who aren’t so lucky to have one close.

From Zero To Hero


Seriously… I love these kinds of threads! Everyone gets to see the evolution from the blank ’86 canvas you started with to the masterpiece (or work in progress) you have now! Check out the Club4AG guys’ cars over on the forums for some seriously awesome builds!

Toyota Love You Long Time


Today I saw this on 7TUNE and just had to post it… it’s just too damn funny!!

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this. While visiting a parts export company in Minoo, one of the staff handed me this small plastic bag containing what looked like a wiring loom bracket from Toyota Genuine Parts. He asked me to look at it closely while trying to hold back a big grin. After a few seconds wondering what he was talking about, there it was right above the part number…

It’s got to be a joke, right? Surely the person who printed out the label added the “offensive” (depends on who you ask!) word was doing out of pure amusement. Although considering the amount of parts being sent out every day, this must’ve been printed automatically? If so, could this be a genuine code used by Toyota Motor Company? I’ll give them a call on Monday and find out!

Ahh that Justin… what a crack up! Only in Japan!

Rockstar Drifter RC


It’s Eric O’Sullivan’s Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored AE86 in micromachine scale! Well not quite, but this RC drifter comes pretty damn close to the real thing.  Do any of our readers have drift RC AE86s? Drop us a pic of yours and your name and we will feature a gallery of the best submissions!

Check out the rest of the pics of this yellow bandit here.

Hibino Qualifies First in Autopolis D1GP


Over the weekend it was a special cocktail of AE86 community love that brought everyone’s favourite Ebisu-jumping-drift master into the number one qualifying spot.  Driving Toshiki Yoshioka’s old red NOS-assisted 4A-GE, now painted in a striking coat of matte black (and sporting some wicked bolt on flares), Hibino worked his way into the top spot in preparation for Sunday’s showdown.

Unfortunately the race day was not as kind to him, as the final standings saw him in fourth position, knocked out in the semi by the eventual round winner (and AE86 legend himself) Youichi Imamura driving the Team BOSS Potenza-backed S15 . Fourth isn’t the win but still a position worthy of some praise – especially considering the calibre of top-notch sponsored teams up against him! Well done Hibino! Can’t wait for the exhibition round in Tokyo!

NA Vs Forced Induction


Yes its that age old battle which has become increasingly heated as the internet flame wars rage on. And its not just the us AE86’ers either…The NA vs Forced Induction debate has been raging on race tracks and at street meets for a number of years starting early with hot rods and street machines.

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The Man Behind DriftKulture


Possibly the most outspoken and in your face person in the Aussie AE86 scene, Beauman Jones, son of legendary hot-rod builder and multiple-time Summernats Champion Mark ‘FAT57‘ Jones, gives HR Blog a few minutes to fill us in on his new project: DriftKulture.

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D1 Flashback!


Dino over at SPEEDHUNTERS has some drifting flashbacks to get us into the mood for Autopolis D1GP next weekend!

I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back in history. Well, only 6 years at least! This is one of the first D1 events I covered, back in November 2003. Armed with my new Canon 10D I headed to check out what these pro-drifters could do, little did I know that I’d be covering drifting for many years to come!

Check it out now!