One Shot: Shake of Worker

MSC is a grassroots drift series in Japan which features some of the hottest privateer driftcars around. This tasty morsel is from a drift team called ‘Shake of Worker’… Is this not the coolest team name you have ever heard? Classic!

Keiichi Scares TV Presenter!

With some of the worst subbing I’ve ever seen on a video, this clip is an excerpt from the Initial D Live Action Movie’s ‘Bonus Disc’ showing a very lucky yet shit-scared TV presenter getting a ride with Dorikin.  You don’t really need the translation to understand what happens. Reminds me of a scene with Takumi and Itsuki in the actual movie…

Check it out here.

The Evan Interview!

Here at HR we try to recognise those people in our community that have made or tried to make a difference as much as possible. People that have been in the scene for a long time or have owned/built/raced 86’s over the years.

We are going to try and turn this into a more regular type of thing. So if you enjoy this interview and know someone else worth interviewing please give us a yell with their contact details and why their journey has inspired you and why you think it should be told!

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HR Big Burger Cruise Report

Another month and another HR Victoria monthly meet, this time we went for a cruise on some twisty roads to Buxton for some over sized burgers.

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!

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Wear Your 86 Close To Your Heart

Every day i usually just do some random surfing of the internet and i happened to stumble upon an aspiring clothing designer, Jaidan Watson, who happens to have a luv for the humble Hachi Roku. Jaidan has used his design skill to come up with a collections of different car related t-shirts, but you can clearly tell he is an 86 fan!!!

Here is a link to Jaidans website where you can see the t-shirts for yourself:

AE86 Rally Crash!

If this doesn’t scare you then you have large gooners! Poor 86!!

Body Work: Tsuchiya Style!!

Thinking about doing a ground up rebuild on your humble little 86????

Dont know where to start???

Watch this youtube video to see how Tsuchiya’s personal Trueno was prepped:

As the user has disabled embedding of the link please find the link here:

HR Melbourne Cruise This Sunday!

It’s time again for the Victorian crew to get out there and drive and this month we decided to get some meet and eat and of course, photo opportunities!

Hit the jump for the full information!

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Sydney siders listen up!! This month we will be meeting for good times and photo op’s at THE FACTORY! So come one and all, enjoy the fried snags and bring some booze or some pop! Stretch out relax and come hang on while basking in the glory of everyone’s Hachiroku’s! Also grab a sneak peek at some of Australia’s latest and greatest 86’s in the build!

Hit the jump for the full information!

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’86 Wins @ Rally of South Canterbury 08

First in class, first in 2WD and 15th overall. It doesn’t matter if they are from Australia or New Zealand, these rally ’86 nuts are on form and showing the rally fraternity of evos and wrx’s that the little hachiroku has still got the balls to rumble with the best. The pilot of this particular blue Levin is Kiwi Lyndon Galbraith with his brother Darren giving the directions. Just listening to that 4A scream makes me grin like an idiot. Great work lads, you make us all proud! Check out some great in-car footage of the many stages of the event here.