HR Melbourne Cruise This Sunday!

It’s time again for the Victorian crew to get out there and drive and this month we decided to get some meet and eat and of course, photo opportunities!

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Event Information
Cruise on some twisty roads to Igloo Roadhouse in Buxton for some of there famous over sized burgers!

27th July 2008 *This Sunday*

9:00am, then leave at 9:30am to go to Igloo Roadhouse in Buxton

Meeting Point
Camperfield Kmart, Hume Hwy

Cruise Details
Start at Camperfield Kmart, Hume Hwy then a short stop at Kinglake then off to Igloo Roadhouse in Buxton. (140km)

What to bring
Yourself, your AE86, CB radio (if you got one), a print out of the route map and the HR attitude!!

Rules and common sense outlined:
1. Members/attendees found to be acting in such a manner may have their plate reported to the relevant authorities, and will not be welcome at any future meets.
2. Any guests which you bring along must not act in the manners outlined above. Your guest your responsibility.
3. Please come and have fun but be mindful of the location and the people that are at the meeting too.
4. Do try not to litter the venue we choose to hold our events and meetings. You must have come in a car so dump your rubbish back in there and take it home for disposal.
5. and of course HAVE FUN!!!

See You There!


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