Who Needs Four?


Tom from Perth sends in his flying two-wheeled Kung-Fu style. Got a tip or a car you want featured? Email us! blog(at)hachiroku.com.au

What Is It About Yellow 86s…


….that makes dogs crazy? This time its Beau’s dog Axel doing a bit of passenger seat mayhem… Axel is the king of the Jones’ boneyard!

AJPS Traction Brackets


Being AE86 owners ourselves, we see a lot of AE86 parts day to day; most of them manufactured in other countries like Japan and America. So it’s refreshing to see a product that is Australian made and also particularly quirky product at that. Again Dave from AJPS has got his hands dirty and come up with a solution to all you out there running T18/Celica/Borg Warner drum-brake diffs. There are lots of products to suit the T-series AE86 disc brake diff’s but not many for our other scavenger-esque modifiers.

The traction brackets fix pinion angle issues in lowered cars and adds traction/anti squat to the rear wheels. They also return the rear end suspension to factory geometry for factory traction values. They’re Australian made quality and guaranteed to fit!

One buyer has said:

“I was running wide on the high speed corners at Mallala, but now the car has so much more grip.”

Check out the technical specs and the special ‘ HR Blog’ price after the jump!

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780kg, 210hp & No Comprimises


One of my team members has been running AE86’s for a while now in the Swiss Hillclimb Championship and I think his current one is quite unique.

This particular AE86 started it’s racing life at the end of ’07 after its predecessor was unfortunately crashed while racing, but since the owner is a hardcore AE86 lover, he of course had another shell ready to go. So the transplant started…

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Lightweight RS Watanabe 8-Spoke


Alexi, fresh from his trip to Nostalgic2Days, has some breaking news:

Falcon had their full range of Watanabes on display but were quite keen to show me their new magnesium wheel, which weighs only 4.6kg in 14×7. It was kind of weird to pick it up, as your brain keeps telling you that it should weigh more than it does.

Cheers to Noriyaro for the Headsup.

Phat Stance Part II


It really is all about offset. Love  it.

Wallpaper…. Tuesday?


What’s this? It’s two new wallpapers up in the Downloads section courtesy of Alexi at noriyaro, that’s what!

Custom Garage SPEED N2 Levin


One of the many cars at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009, but one of the very few AE86’s, the Custom Garage SPEED N2 Levin certainly looked the piece amongst the millions of yen worth of vehicles on display.

Sitting pretty in its mint bodywork and wearing some of the widest and most dished wheels i’ve ever seen this N2 monster will no doubt be a centrepiece of the 2009 N2 race this August @ Okayama. We can’t wait!

Hit the jump for a few extra pics!

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Guest Blog on Speedhunters


HR Blog has been featured on Speedhunters as a part of their ‘Toyota Month’ in February.

Rod asked me to make a top ten list of the best and most influential AE86’s. I’m no expert on everything Hachi so I decided to ask some of my friends from Australia who run the Hachiroku blog if they could help me out, they happily obliged. So here you have it, the top ten most influential AE86’s through the eyes of Adam Hocker and Garth Ivers.

Have a read and let us all know what you think in their comments! Much love to Jeroen (aka Kultivate) for this opportunity!

It’s Still Rough Out There


Even though we’ve seen it before, we can always look again! America’s AE86 man Antonio Alvendia is at it again, this time expressing his fanboy lust for the Rough World drift Trueno. Who can blame him? Rough World style is just so f*cking cool! This time he gets intimate with the finer details of the tough circuit beast.

As a drift team, Rough World is like a band of renegade samurai charging through the mountains with “I don’t give a F” attitudes, attacking the local touge roads late at night, stirring fear in the hearts of other drifters that might cross the Rough path; doing battle door to door, with no quarter asked and none given.

So get over there now and check it out.