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HR Feature Cars. The Best AE86’s we can source and snap! In depth interviews with the owners and drivers of these machines.

Team Kassou Subashiri Coupe

I’ll have to let these pics speak for themselves as Alexi from was only being a carpark ninja and has no extra info on it. Enjoy!

2008 Rockstar Prodrift AE86

Here is a behind the scenes video of Eric O’Sulivians 2008 Pro Drift season. Enjoy!

Yahoo Auction Japan: TUBE Garage

Every time I look on yahoo auctions Japan, you usually find all these beaten up cars and you may come across something amazing but not that often. However, you always see some super mint cars from the restoration company Tube. Every car they post up is lightly modified, but also look factory mint with some nice offset wheels.


Czech Please! Team Charouz AE86

About 35km West of Prague in the Kladno province of the Czech Republic lies the town of Lany. With a population of approximately 1610 people you would think there would be nothing of interest to find in this small country township, that’s exactly what I thought when I drove past there a decade or so ago. How wrong I was, because besides the rolling acres of grass and gorgeous picture-postcard scenery there is something worth stopping over for in Lany. And I’m not talking about the local castle that plays summer-vacation-host to the countries President. It’s a building that houses something even more important.


Rough World AE86

Care of Auto Otaku (via Kultivate) comes this staunch little Levin with some serious attitude. Some strange body mods but the wheels and colour definitely make up for it. Simplicity in its finest form!

Check it out Here.

Jussi Tiippana: AE86 Boy-Wonder

He could rally and slide a car through the dangerous twisted forest/hill roads before he was legally allowed to own a license. His father carefully overlooked his sons progress with planned input and nurturing leading to a steady incline of progression. Whilst still in high school he then made his debut in his trusty AE86 and won his first real competition against drivers of all ages and experience. Then came the switch to a WRX and.., Ok so before I go any further and tell you that Jussi Tiippana also delivered tofu up a mountain every morning at 4AM…. wait no, I’ll stop this childish Initial-D analogy right here.

Jussi Tiippana is an upcoming rally driver and one to definitely look out for in the future! This year at merely the age of 19 (b. 10-10-1989) he competed in both the ‘Neste Oil Rally FInalnd’ and the ‘Sweden WRC Rally’ (Yes both rounds of the WRC) with a nicely prepped WRX. But as already mentioned he paved the way and had tremendous success in his previous competition car; an AE86 Coupe. So we here at HR Blog thought we’d contact Jussi and talk all things AE86.


Finnish Group-n Rally History With Ari Saxberg

The Finnish (That’s Finland) National Rally has given rise to some of the world’s best rally drivers. It’s a land of sweeping mountain passes and snow… lots and lots of snow, so what better combination to breed rally drivers? It’s no surprise then that rally is in the blood of most Finnish youngsters and motor sport enthusiasts.

Nordic countries have combined to produce 16 WRC title champions since 1977. Perhaps you might have heard about some of the Finnish drivers? guys like; Ari Vatanen, Juha Kankkunen, Tommi Mäkinen and Marcus Grönholm. Whilst also being a breeding ground for great talent it, like any other hotly intense local competition is a survival of the fittest when it comes to the machinery.

Sure our beloved AE86 has done well in places like Japan, Australia, Ireland but what about the die-hard heartland of rally. Where the world’s greatest manufacturers grind their rally teeth? Where the record setting cars like the Audi Quattro and the Ford Escort RS battled it out with other makes like the Lancia Delta, Peugeot 205 GTI and Opels of various makes. I speak of Europe of course and one of its many snow filled battlegrounds; Finland.


Tedsport 2.5L AE86 Rally Monster

This would have to be the best prepared rally AE86 the world has seen. I remember seeing this car about a year ago and posted up a video on the forums when the car featured 200hp ‘Blacktop’ 20 valve 4A-GE. However the car has gone through some changes recently and this monster ’86 is now packing a Millington Diamond 2.5L 4-cylinder motor.

No idea what we’re on about? Well the Million Diamond is the motor that is currently used  and preferred by most of the big-shot ford escort owners in the Irish tarmac rally series. These engines have the potential of making above the 350hp mark with massive amounts of torque to boot!


Certificate of Authenticity: Chowini ’86

One of the newest members to the HR forums, Eircamae86, has scored himself his very own slice of real AE86 racing history with this period-spec Levin GTV.

TOM’S were assigned by Team Chowini in Hong Kong to build them another racer for their ever expanding stable of many AE86’s owned by the Chowini team.  The car was built from a brand-new never-registered 1983 Corolla Levin GTV. The chassis has since been fitted with a fully-gusseted, up-to-spec, 8 point roll cage throughout and all the original steel panels remain in their rightful place with the shell featuring lightweight ‘Lexan®-style’ glass for that added weight advantage.


Sotiros Trueno!

This months interview is with Andrew Sotiros’ and his experience with his new JDM Trueno hatchback. Andrew is just finishing his HSC and has been after a ’86 for a long time and he finally snatched himself one. So we thought we would have a chat to a new ’86 owner and see what he thinks so far and check out his ride!