Sotiros Trueno!

This months interview is with Andrew Sotiros’ and his experience with his new JDM Trueno hatchback. Andrew is just finishing his HSC and has been after a ’86 for a long time and he finally snatched himself one. So we thought we would have a chat to a new ’86 owner and see what he thinks so far and check out his ride!

Background on yourself?
I live south of Sydney, and was born in 1990. I have been interested in cars for quiet a while, but I’ve got no idea where my passion came from, because it definitely isn’t from anyone in my family. Over the last few years I’ve become particularly interested in the import scene, but in particular drifting.

History of your car?
I know that it was used as a regular track car and thanks to the help of a mate who speaks Japanese, I found out that the car was built and driven by a mechanic from Ukiya Shoukai: An AE86 garage in Japan specialising in turbo conversions.

Why ’86?
Its different, but in a good way. People who know what a Hachi Roku is will respect your choice, and people who don’t know what it is just think that it is an old Corolla. I think that’s helps make it an awesome car. Because you can drive down the street and not get harassed by the cops, but you still have an extremely light, well balanced car, with enough power to have some fun.

Happiest moment in your car?
I’ve only had my car for a week, so my memories are minimal, however, I would have to say feeling the bum slide out for the first time. Having previously owned a front wheel drive car, id never had the experience of sliding a car, but the other morning on my way to school, I realised that 2way+wetroad+accelerator = fun filled sideways action! Although it probably wasn’t to exciting for most, to me it was the beginning of something new.

What got you into ’86s?
I’m not to sure; I was just drawn towards them. I always wanted something rear-wheel drive, but because of P plate restrictions, I was limited. I was originally looking at buying an NA S13, but then I came across the humble Hachi Roku whilst attending a Drift Australia day. There was just something about it that I liked. I liked the fact that it was different, that it was well balanced and that the NA 1.6L engine could keep up with much more powerful cars.

What do you think of the ’86 culture both in Australia and in your home state?
It’s awesome, and seems to be growing exponentially. Everyone who I’ve spoken to has always been a great help, there is always plenty of advice available and people always seem willing to go out of their way to help each other out.

What are your future plans for your car?
At the moment, the main plan is just to drive/drift it. Considering the car already has quiet a few modifications, I will probably just focus on my stopping power. I want to get slotted rotors, performance pads and braided brake lines. I also wouldn’t mind getting an oil cooler set up and making a pod enclosure, as well as getting some matching Longchamp’s for the front, or Equip 03’s. A new heavy duty clutch may come a little later, as well as hopefully a set of mild cams.

What’s your preferred sin? Drifting, Grip, Touge or Show?
Having not owned the car for very long, I would probably have to say drift. Even though I suck at it, it just becomes very tempting to stab that clutch for some sideways fun.

Shaved or full bush? (interior)
When I first got the car it was stripped and I thought that having stripped interior would suck, so the following day, full interior went back in. Even though having interior is much more practical for every day use, I would have to say stripped.

How long you hoping to own this sucker for?
Well considering how much of a fuss I made about getting one, I’m hoping that I own it for a bloody long time. If I was to sell it, it would hopefully only ever be for another, maybe a Levin Coupe.

Any thanks?
– Pramodh (pro_k) – great help organising everything, unbelievably happy with the car.

– Paul (SEXY16) – Without you my car wouldn’t be ready. You did everything for me, and made the whole process of getting the car on the road a piece of cake.

– Beau – Your constant updates of cars for sale came in very handy. You’ve been a great help, always willing to offer your opinion.

– My parents and family – For always supporting me, and for putting up with me constantly telling them how much I wanted an AE86.

Finally, please list the specs of your car
1987 AE86 Trueno Hatch
Dark blue/ grey (2 tone)


Coilovers (unknown springs and shocks)
Cusco camber tops
Cusco RCA’sAdjustable swaybar
Strut brace

TRD shocks with unknown springs
Adjustable swaybar
Adjustable lateral rod

Big port 4AGE (Blue top)
Mushroom style Pod Filter
TRD plugs
Standard T50 with aftermarket clutch
2way LSD
Cusco Extractors
2 ¼” titanium exhaust
Supposedly has a modified throttle body and perhaps small cams, however, I’m not 100% sure

View’s Carbon Kevlar fixed back bucket seat (super light)
Nardi Torino Steering wheel
Boss kit extension
Sony XAV-C1 in dash DVD player (taken from my old car) with 4″ speakers.
Sound deadening removed

15×8 wearing SSR Precedios (front) 195/50 Bridgestone RE001 Tyres.

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