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Interview: Adam & His ADM Levin


Today we have the first of a few interviews on the people behind the HR blog.  Adam is one of the driving forces behind HR Blog’s editorial content and specifically the writer of the much loved AE86 Tuning Guide. We catch up and talk shop with a die-hard member of the ‘AE86 For Life’ crew.


The Man Behind DriftKulture


Possibly the most outspoken and in your face person in the Aussie AE86 scene, Beauman Jones, son of legendary hot-rod builder and multiple-time Summernats Champion Mark ‘FAT57‘ Jones, gives HR Blog a few minutes to fill us in on his new project: DriftKulture.


Sotiros Trueno!

This months interview is with Andrew Sotiros’ and his experience with his new JDM Trueno hatchback. Andrew is just finishing his HSC and has been after a ’86 for a long time and he finally snatched himself one. So we thought we would have a chat to a new ’86 owner and see what he thinks so far and check out his ride!


The Evan Interview!

Here at HR we try to recognise those people in our community that have made or tried to make a difference as much as possible. People that have been in the scene for a long time or have owned/built/raced 86’s over the years.

We are going to try and turn this into a more regular type of thing. So if you enjoy this interview and know someone else worth interviewing please give us a yell with their contact details and why their journey has inspired you and why you think it should be told!