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HR Feature Cars. The Best AE86’s we can source and snap! In depth interviews with the owners and drivers of these machines.

Fat Wheels, Fly Fishing, FCR’s & Fanta


It may sound strange, but it all works together so well. You’ll have to hit up noriyaro for the rest of the photos to see what I mean….

A Deadly Duo

It’s not everyday we get street-spec AE86’s as nice as this, especially not two of them together.  Straight outta Japan, these tasty hachi’s however, are not owned by Japanese but surprisingly by two gaijin by the names of Allen & Miguel. Both wearing head to tyre of the hottest JDM parts, these Levin brothers are the true epitome of clean street driven AE86’s.

The HR Blog team are taking a well earned rest over the holidays, so until then enjoy these two beauties and have a safe and relaxing break. Don’t worry, we’ll be back again on January 5th in 2009!


Who Is This Man?

It’s former owner of Ken Works and ace AE86 pilot, Ken Satoh! Caught in the act at Nikko Circuit today changing the ‘plugs on his new ’86 drifter, it’s good to know that even the old pros do their own dirty work! Ken was either driving or under it all day showing his unrelenting love for the hachiroku.


Youchi Hangai’s AE86 Trueno

This particular Sprinter belongs to 35-year-old Yoichi Hangai, a mechanic working in the outskirts of Tokyo at the FNATZ workshop. He might technically have a job in Tokyo, but Yoichi has always lived in the eastern part of nearby Kanagawa prefecture, which is generally considered to be the slightly rougher cousin of the somewhat more refined Tokyo metropolis nearby. Running down alongside Tokyo Bay, it’s an industrial area with lots of long back streets and small mechanical workshops, where the tuners have a reputation for having some of the hardest worked street cars in Eastern Japan.

Read the rest on this immaculate ’86 over @

Stealth Fighter Levin Attack!

Get your black on! Draped from head-to-tyre in Henry Ford pink, this weapon of mass drift-struction, piloted by AE86-Ace Shinichi Yamada, took out second place in the Expert Class (the top solo-run class) at last weekends MSC drift event held at the infamous Odaiba Carpark.

More pics after the jump!


Hawaii’s Hottest Hachirokus

There’s something unique about the Hawaiian AE86 scene you just can’t put your finger on… Maybe it’s the blend of Japanese Aesthetic and US ‘tuner’ style that meshes together so nicely, or maybe just the absolute attention to detail these guys put into their rides that makes them all seem so showroom perfect.

Hit the jump for a selection of Hawaii’s greatest. Props to HR forum member EVADE for the compilation – 808 Represent!


The Finer Details

There are lots of Hachis out there that look amazing, but personally I feel most of these lack the finer details (yes my own lacks it as well) that set a good Hachi apart from an amazing one.

In my day to day internet browsing I regularly check out a blog called OG-made that is run by the guys who manage Endless in the USA. They featured a car built by Andy Yen Ex-Forumla D driver and current judge. This car has been around for along time and from the pictures I have seen it has been through a lot. However, its one of the best Levin coupes in the USA at the moment.

The little features of this car make it so special to me, such as the Stack Dash, Watanabe spare wheel, the air vent headlight, the amazing cage and the fancy little Three Link suspension set-up. Little things like this make an ’86 stand out in my mind.

Check out some pictures after the jump:


Chris O’Shannessy’s AE86 @ IPRA Nationals

While everyone else on the blog team was up in Queensland at the 86 Annual, I was stuck back here in Sydney due to a university exam on the Monday. However, on the Sunday I made the trip out to Oran Park for the Improved Production Racing Association (IPRA) Nationals.

I was pretty excited as I really wanted to see Chris O’Shannessy car in person and i was very impressed. It was definitely one of the best presented cars and the stroked 1888cc 4A-GE sounded amazing going around the track. Chris had a great weekend finishing up second in Under 2L class and finished 12th outright (out of 80 cars) in the final 18 lapping after starting in 30th place due to some car issues in earlier heats.

You can check out some shots of the car in action after the jump.


The Master At Work!

In my general searching on YouTube I found this video of Ueo which was just uploaded today. It’s 2 minutes of 4A-GE symphony with the best steerer piloting a truly amazing AE86. It’s simply breathtaking how aggressive Ueo is behind the wheel and it’s a real shame he no longer drives a Hachi Roku in D1.

Irish ProDrift AE86s

We all know the Irish are crazy, but we also know they have some of the best AE86 outside of Japan. From SR20 transplants to F20C installs to 2.4L NA BDA powered rally cars the Irish have tried it all.

If you don’t believe me you just need to look up the Irish 86 forums and check out these amazing picture from Paddy McGrath of some of the 86s competing in the Irish ProDrift series. (more…)