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AJPS FC RX-7 Brake Adaptor Kit


Now the AE86 might not be the most powerful nor the heaviest car out there, but it needs to stop well just the same as any other car out there. The standard brake set-up on the upper AE86 models were adequate for the stock engine, but seeing as most of us are running with more power they should be upgraded to suit.


Tsukuba AE86 Racin’


Of all the tracks in all the world, what other circuit name can get you as excited as Tsukuba?  The Green Hell comes close but Tsukuba is where all the action goes down in our awesome world of hachiroku!

Alexi over at noriyaro has once again provided us disciples of the church of AE86 with a juicy sermon.

A while back when I took the Skyline to go drifting at Tsukuba Circuit, there was a series of AE86-only one-make races being held by Option2 magazine and Ken Sato’s Mercury workshop on the same day. The drifting sessions were filling the dead time between races, which was the main event of the morning.

Naturally, there were a whole bunch of very quick hachirokus there competing in the roughly ten-minute races, running the gamut from expertly tuned and prepared to completely boro and awesome.

The fastest car was Tsutomu Suzuki, driving his #18 Cashiew Trueno (pictured), with a best lap time of 1’02.885. Hibino competed in the race in his SR20 turbo D1 Levin, and came fifth overall.

Jump over there now and check out the sh*t-ton of pics… I just love the one without the rear windscreen… BORO!

AutoArt 1/18 AE86 Initial-D Version


AutoArt, the purveyors of some of the finest replica models on earth, have released their new 1/18 scale AE86 Trueno. However this time they have gone after the Initial-D franchise and have very accurately represented Takumi’s original-spec hachiroku.


One Cool Motherf*cker


When I see a purple drift-spec AE86 I think of only one thing: T-50 Japan. Tomonori Akai (pictured being cool as f*ck) is the proud owner of this hachi…go!

Yep that’s right this ones originally an AE85, but it has come quite a long way since it rolled off the line with a measly 3A-U in it!  Now rockin’ a 190bhp 10,00rpm 4A screamer, Tomonori takes it to MSC drift events all over the land of the rising sun and smashes his opponents to bits.

For the rest of the pics (and the specs of this nutter) hit up (cheers Alexi!)



Apparently it’s a Daihatsu of some kind…. But seriously, the money spent on doing this could probably have bought an AE86 anyway! Crazy!

Finland + Rally + AE86 = Mental

Cheers to now local Irish lad Eircamae86 for the heads up on this one. Ouch…..

Clean Cali-Style Levin


Considering the US only ever got Trueno body styled AE86’s, seeing a Levin in America is a pretty special thing. This super fresh example is owned by Club4AG member shannon who has spent the last 2 years bolt-by-bolt restoring this USDM coupe to its current glory.


Impulse AE86 Evolution


Built by relatively new-school AE86 tuners Impulse, this Trueno is so damn clean you might mistake it for a Carland rebuild straight from the pages of Levin & Trueno Magazine.


Fat Wheels, Fly Fishing, FCR’s & Fanta


It may sound strange, but it all works together so well. You’ll have to hit up noriyaro for the rest of the photos to see what I mean….

So Slammed It Hurts


If only things could work this way in real life! Can you believe it’s been ‘photoshopped? The original image is far from the epicness of the fake but we still love it all the same!

Fullsize image courtesy of Ophideus at DA