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Hawaii 8-6:


HR Forum member EVADE gives us the latest on what’s happening in the local Hawaiian AE86 scene.

The meet was just a bunch of friends meeting up at a park and getting out there doing some driving. ’86 meets hardly happen here in Hawaii so when it happens again I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

Until then, here are some photos of the latest meet.


Taka Aono’s AE86 Turbo


Fellow AE86 addict Antonio Alvendia shoots and specs America’s most famous AE86 as part of Speedhunters’ ongoing ‘Toyota Month’.

I think the build quality of Taka’s AE86 is outstanding. However even more outstanding is the way he fearlessly pilots his car; full throttle, full lock, full commitment. It will be interesting to see Taka and his AE86 during the 2009 Formula D season, now that he is no longer a works driver with Team Falken.

I just don’t think I could imagine this car wrapped in any other tire company’s livery than the blue and teal that it’s been wearing for the past few years. I guess we will see this April in Long Beach!

Jump over there now and check out an amazing AE86 engineering marvel!  Absolutely insane…..

Toyota’s 086A (Still With A Boxer Heart)


In a press interview at the Tokyo Auto Salon last month, the next President of Toyota Motor Co. Akio Toyoda was asked many questions about where Toyota was heading and also one question which might be of particular interest to Japanese sports car enthusiasts. “How’s the development coming along regarding the sports car jointly developed with Subaru?” His reply to the question was answered fairly assuredly in 3 parts.

The car has been codenamed internally as 086A, an obvious homage to the legendary AE86 Corolla.


Hibino @ Tsukuba Wallpapers


Two new wallpapers up in the Downloads section courtesy of Alexi at noriyaro, this time of Hibino in action @ Tsukuba!

One Shot: Phat Stance


C’mon seriously…. with that offset and ride height it’s just so damn tough!

Rockstar AE86 Wallpaper


Seeing as it’s Toyota month at SPEEDHUNTERS, they have been killin’ it with AE86 content and today is no different.

Paddy McGrath offered to send over this desktop image as his contribution to Toyota Month. Thanks Paddy! Last time I saw Eric O’Sullivan’s Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored AE86, it was being unpeeled from a concrete wall at the Red Bull Drifting World Championship…. The damage looked terminal to my eye,  but hopefully the car has been repaired this winter.

Jump over there and check that sh*t out!

Fast & Furious AE86??


RS200 Ford VS an AE86? Hopefully the car in shot stays in one piece… Not a particularly fair battle but who knows, they might put some Initial-D ‘magic’ in there…. Will this lead to another explosion of ‘Furious Tax’? Do you like seeing the AE86 in mainstream media or not? Let us know your opinions on the comments!

T10’s Twin Truenos


Who would’ve thought two guys from Turn10 (the studio behind Forza Motorsport 2 on the XBOX360) own AE86s? They decided to get together to shoot these two pristine examples one afternoon when the sun was shining through the clouds of Northern California.

Art’s Trueno is just straight cleanliness. Definitely one of the cleanest, well maintained Corollas in the area, and when I first found out he owned one I got really excited. Not only can we talk shop about our favorite 80’s econobox, but we can also do cool things like taking pictures of our prized possessions.

As you can see we are both rocking the “Kouki” (late model) front end, with his being the factory JDM front (pure hotness). Add in some Volks, some nice suspension, the cleanest 86 engine bay I’ve seen in a while and you have Art’s Corolla. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s owned this car for nearly 5 years, creeping up on OG rolla status.

Get over to the T10 Studios blog and check them out!

20v Versus 16v! Fight!!

Persoanlly I’m proud to have a redtop 16-Valve in my AE86! What’s your preferrered flavour of 4A-G? Let us know in the comments!

Luxembourg Style


In regards the AE86, Europe is a diverse mix of all different styles of modifying. In Germany, the classic “European” styling trend is to take a Levin coupe, make minimal modifications and fit a set of Atiwe or Ronal wheels. On the contrary, in England and Ireland the style is more of a copy of the Japanese trends with each countries little touches thrown in.

It seems somewhere half way between these two points, around the Benelux countries, these styles clashed and the result is something unique. One such car which reflects this perfect combination, taking something from both parts of the world, is this Kouki Levin from Luxembourg.