Creamy Beige


Dan over @ MotorMavens has a quick bit of 1990’s love going on today.

To some this might just be another Levin, but for me looks wise this is the PERFECT Levin!

While you’re there, check out their archive of AE86 tagged posts. With an AE86 nutjob like Antonio co-running the site, there is plenty of win to be had.


Smash & Grab


Grassroots drifting at its best. Rod from SPEEDHUNTERS blog has a sweet featurette on one of the local Canadian drifters Chris Scremin. Finishing third in the 2009 Drift Mania West Canadian series, he is one of the top drifters from the Canadian ‘West-Coast’. As a result, the hachi he masterfully pilots week-in week-out is a pretty rough and tumble affair. Rod writes:

As you can expect at typical North American grass roots drift event, the majority of the cars competing were S chassis of various types. But one drifter chose to break the mold with his choice of car and went in a more old school direction: his name is Chris Scremin and this is his 1985 SR-86.

Check out the full article of the destruction over @ SPEEDHUNTERS.

Photo: Rod Chong

Shuichi Shigeno Charity

carchs initial d replica Shuichi Shigeno signature on dash

The Impulse Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica was already impressive, but how about a Shuichi Shigeno signed Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica? Well, it can be yours!

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Autumn Drift Matsuri


Dino over at SPEEDHUNTERS was lucky enough to be at the Autumn drift matsuri last weekend and he snapped some cool shots of hachirokus on the track.

Check out the gallery (the first of no doubt a few!) at SPEEDHUNTERS.

Old School, Denmark & Roundabouts

Here’s three somewhat unrelated videos for Friday but all good all the same. First up is the Revspeed festival from May 5 2002 in Maze Circuit. Love all the ‘old’ classic compacts head to head!

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Does It Matter?


We have no idea which circuit in Japan this is or even when these shots were taken, but does it matter? Love livin’ the ’86 life!

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Need Buying Guidance?

Hot 80s Japanese babe in an AE86!

This mid 80s Japanese car buying guide tv show called Car Guidance was found on Youtube.  Apparently the format of this show was to have Japanese women review a car and tell everything about it (from a women’s perspective?).  Apart from the common Laurel and Mark II-like saloons they also did an occasional sports model, like the kouki 1985 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex Twincam…  Hilarity ensues after the jump!

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Hachiroku Mania: Is This You?


Are you guilty of the kind of hoarding we see here? Towers of pristine Toyota Genuine spare parts boxes (with or without their glorious contents) and pristine untouched kouki Trueno front bars safely mounted high in the living room?

That First Big Step..


What is that first big step im talking about? Is it just getting a 4A-GE engine in your car? Is it your first track day? No this is that one big step that not everybody embarks on and only very few can really say they got it right.

It’s the engine rebuild.

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Cyrious Drift!

Cyrious Drift 2009
A new video of Cyrious Productions has been released! Dan Cyr, brother of drifter Pat Cyr, documented all drift events his brother competed in. He made a compilation of the DMCC (Drift Mania Canadian Championship) Pro East 2009 season.

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