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Style & Presence

Hit the Downloads page for two awesome wallpapers of this RunFree-kitted menace piloted by Murakoshi Atsushi; A good friend of Hayashi Wataru from the BM Cup days when they used to kill the Twin-Dori Class in matching purple hachirokus.


Don’t You Wish You Could Rescue This

Left to enjoy the elements – Winds Auto in Kumagaya, Saitama.

Just When You Think You’ve Done It…

I’m speechless….

One Shot: Night Of Fire

Last Saturday night on a touge road “a couple of hours out of Tokyo”….
Check out the wallpaper in the downloads section.

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AE86 Restoration: The Japanese Way

Those crazy Japanese… When it comes to ground-up AE86 restoration they really truly have it down.  This guy has five AE86’s of his own, but this one is pure perfection. It’s like an excerpt from Levin & Trueno Magazine with the level of detail they go to.

Make sure you click ALL the links at the top of the page to see the build in its entirety!

Yahoo Auction Japan: TUBE Garage

Every time I look on yahoo auctions Japan, you usually find all these beaten up cars and you may come across something amazing but not that often. However, you always see some super mint cars from the restoration company Tube. Every car they post up is lightly modified, but also look factory mint with some nice offset wheels.


One Shot: Shino Kouba Coupe

Alexi from give us the lowdown our latest ‘One Shot’:

The owner’s name is Numajiri, the photo was taken at a Nikko Circuit practice day. He used to work for Shino Kouba workshop which is why he runs the garage name across the windscreen. I think it has something to do with Ken Satoh in regards to the bodywork.

It is a complete grip car. When I rode in it, the semi slicks were almost worn out, but he was able to hammer it for most of the track anyway. AE111 engine I believe… injection with open bellmouths, tubular manifold, ECU on the floor, bolt in rollcage, completely stripped.


We tend to agree. Check out some exclusive wallpapers over on our new Downloads section.

Great Driving Roads Pt.1

This is a first in the series of our choices of some of the greatest driving roads the World has to offer. We rekon whether you are a drifter or a circuit racer, everyone enjoys a good drive on the open road!

We may as well start with the best and Stelvio pass in the Italian Alps would have to be up there with the cream of the crop of immersive tarmac. Widely regarded as one of the greatest driving roads both in location and execution, it’s located eastern Italian Alps near the Swiss border and part of the “three languages peak” (where Italian, German and Romansh are all spoken) and it’s steep slope means it gradually winds it way down the mountain with insane back to back hairpins.


Live the ’86 Life!

Chillin’ out after a hard day at the circuit..

Taken @ D1SL Central Competition, Wednesday 1 October @ Honjo Circuit.
Photo: Alexi Smith @

Most Owners Hope…

I’m sure most AE86 owners cringe at seeing something like this and hope they never get themselves into this situation. We’re not sure about the story of how this poor hachi ended up like this but we hope it got back on its feet in the end!

Do you have a story of disaster you can tell us about? Hit the comments and share the pain!