One Shot: Shino Kouba Coupe

Alexi from give us the lowdown our latest ‘One Shot’:

The owner’s name is Numajiri, the photo was taken at a Nikko Circuit practice day. He used to work for Shino Kouba workshop which is why he runs the garage name across the windscreen. I think it has something to do with Ken Satoh in regards to the bodywork.

It is a complete grip car. When I rode in it, the semi slicks were almost worn out, but he was able to hammer it for most of the track anyway. AE111 engine I believe… injection with open bellmouths, tubular manifold, ECU on the floor, bolt in rollcage, completely stripped.


We tend to agree. Check out some exclusive wallpapers over on our new Downloads section.


5 Responses to One Shot: Shino Kouba Coupe

  1. Andrew says:

    Theres ‘something’ about this car. It really stands out. Great photos too.

  2. youngy says:

    Hoooraayyy a grip car!

  3. Alexi says:

    The first pic was actually taken on a cooldown lap. I asked him to try jumping the curb when he wasn’t trying to get a good lap time.

  4. Like all the good AE86’s, it lives in Ireland now …

  5. James says:

    I adore that car, so much so it has inspired me to get off my ass and finally buy an AE86 coupe that I have been after for years!
    Love it – and want more!

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