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One Shot: Phat Stance


C’mon seriously…. with that offset and ride height it’s just so damn tough!

Rockstar AE86 Wallpaper


Seeing as it’s Toyota month at SPEEDHUNTERS, they have been killin’ it with AE86 content and today is no different.

Paddy McGrath offered to send over this desktop image as his contribution to Toyota Month. Thanks Paddy! Last time I saw Eric O’Sullivan’s Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored AE86, it was being unpeeled from a concrete wall at the Red Bull Drifting World Championship…. The damage looked terminal to my eye,  but hopefully the car has been repaired this winter.

Jump over there and check that sh*t out!

Fast & Furious AE86??


RS200 Ford VS an AE86? Hopefully the car in shot stays in one piece… Not a particularly fair battle but who knows, they might put some Initial-D ‘magic’ in there…. Will this lead to another explosion of ‘Furious Tax’? Do you like seeing the AE86 in mainstream media or not? Let us know your opinions on the comments!



Apparently it’s a Daihatsu of some kind…. But seriously, the money spent on doing this could probably have bought an AE86 anyway! Crazy!

So Slammed It Hurts


If only things could work this way in real life! Can you believe it’s been ‘photoshopped? The original image is far from the epicness of the fake but we still love it all the same!

Fullsize image courtesy of Ophideus at DA

Hibino Loves HR


Yep, that’s right! Japan’s master of the Ebisu Jumping Drift, Tetsuya Hibino, is a huge fan of HR.  All thanks to Alexi from noriyaro, HR stickers will soon be popping up on lots of Japan’s most infamous hachirokus! HR Represent!

Hazards Of A Drift Missile


Alexi from noriyaro is up to no good again, this time with his drift missile coverage.

This flat-black Levin used to belong to Satoshi “Wampaku” Nakatani from Garage LFW. That was until the engine blew and Shino from Shino Kouba garage bought it cheap and stuck a standard 4A-GE in it to have some fun with. Unfortunately though, when you’re driving a car you don’t really care about crashing, you sometimes do.

Carnage after the Jump!


Rescue Of Epic Proportions

I’m not sure about all of you out there, but when I found the rust in my sprinter shell spiralling out of control, I didn’t think of ways to fix it, I just started looking for mint condition chassis’ for sale to avoid the hassle.

Some of you may be confused as to why I’ve chosen this picture as the thumbnail for this story, but anyone who knows just how difficult this kind of metal work is will certainly be in awe.

Maybe it’s the old Japanese way of struggling constantly to overcome adversity but this is just mental. The amount of damage and rust on this shell would be ‘give up now’ material to anyone else, but somehow through some very bespoke methods and superior workmanship, this little AE86 lives again!

Check out the build gallery here.

Garage SunRise

It’s the garage we all wish we had: TRD T-50’s to the left, Hi-Comp 4A’s to the right and that wall of tyres… do want!

Tetsuya Hibino’s character on D1 videos might be one of a rude, slang-talking tough guy, but in reality he’s anything but hard to talk to. That is, if you can understand his rapidfire “ittara” Nagoya accent and can keep up with his dictionary-like knowlege of the Toyota AE86 and how to drift it.

Jump over to for Alexi’s tour of drifting legend Tetsuya Hibino’s workshop: Garage SunRise!

Coco’s Got Game

Marko (45aken) over on the HR forums is building a ‘HELLA TYTE’ yellow AE86 at the moment, it’s so awesome even his dog Coco can’t help but get in on the skids action – Check out the thread here!