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Put Out With The Trash


Abandoned or just put ‘On Hold’? Whatever the case, shes looking a little bit sad!  Also a quick note; no blogs until Tuesday, being Easter and all we’re taking a well earned break! Happy long-weekend!!

Surviving Gameshow Drifting


Mobara Circuit + Hapless American Contestants + Drifting = Win. Ken Satoh of D1 ’86 drifting fame was present along with Shino Murai from Shino Kouba for some AE86/Z33 drifting mayhem. Also present was Tomo Akai, 86 pilot extraordinaire whom we’ve featured here before. Alexi writes:

I saw one of the producers turn an interesting shade of white when Ken said that he had never drifted this car before. I quickly reassured the guy that Ken could probably drift the bus they drove to get there if he wanted to.

Word. Check out the hilarity over at noriyaro.

1/61 Love Affair


Stockers, Gold plated hussies, keisatsu, D1GP champs and Group-A icons – Only a few of the many AE86’s that make up the Tomica 1/61 range of collectable cars. I only own two of them so far, but who out there can boast of owning the whole set!? Check this Japanese fans’ collection out! Got a wicked AE86 model collection? Let us know!

Square But Not


While browsing my HDD, I came across this photo in my ’86 ‘bodykit’ folder and decided to put it up. Garage Zeal isn’t the most well known name in aero kits, but their original design, what i’d call ‘boxy but not’, is refreshing. Reminds me of Group-A era racing for some strange reason. Are any readers running the Garage Zeal kit on their hachi roku? What is your favourite body kit manufacturer?

Was That Just A…..?

Yes, it was. You can imagine my surprise when one of the Club4AG boys told me my car was in an American chewing gum tv ad. What the? A friend of mine, Felix Alim, had taken the shot on one of our drives through the Old Pacific Hwy and somehow these people in an American advertising agency found it and used it. Pity they couldn’t get the interior right eh?

Who Needs Four?


Tom from Perth sends in his flying two-wheeled Kung-Fu style. Got a tip or a car you want featured? Email us! blog(at)

What Is It About Yellow 86s…


….that makes dogs crazy? This time its Beau’s dog Axel doing a bit of passenger seat mayhem… Axel is the king of the Jones’ boneyard!

Phat Stance Part II


It really is all about offset. Love  it.

Wallpaper…. Tuesday?


What’s this? It’s two new wallpapers up in the Downloads section courtesy of Alexi at noriyaro, that’s what!

Hibino @ Tsukuba Wallpapers


Two new wallpapers up in the Downloads section courtesy of Alexi at noriyaro, this time of Hibino in action @ Tsukuba!