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We’ve All Been There..


Just when you think your circuit day is going along fine… BANG! There goes your diff/gearbox/clutch/engine… you name it!  Then you spend the next 2 hours on your back in the carpark while your best mate passes you the tools to fit the spare part of of your hachiroku brothers had brought along spare in the boot. Ahhh, the perks of living the ’86 life!

Have you had a shocker trackday? Got a ‘side-of-the-highway’ horror story to share? Had a 86 brother (or sister) bail you out? Hit up the comments and share!

Photo: TEC-ART’S

Out In The Garbage Pile


AE86 fanatic and all round good guy, Keisuke from 86 Fighters blog has a story about another abandoned child for us to mourn.

I was in Tateshina at my fathers Bach in Nagano Prefecture. Whilst I was down there, we were driving towards a small town called Chino.

On the way, an orange car dumped on some old tyres, beside a Dunlop tyre shop caught my eye… It was an AE86 Levin hatch!

I went to the shop and asked the shop owner what had happened…

It should serve as a small but ominous reminder for all of us to head out to the garage this weekend and do some much-needed work on our own hachi rokus! Read the rest of the article over at his blog. Love your work Keisuke!

Hachi Roku Hanami


’86 blogger Hatti gets in on the sakura season with some hanami of his own ‘Corolla’ Levin. Trying my best to get a high resolution of this one for a wallpaper so until then, enjoy!

Toyota Love You Long Time


Today I saw this on 7TUNE and just had to post it… it’s just too damn funny!!

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this. While visiting a parts export company in Minoo, one of the staff handed me this small plastic bag containing what looked like a wiring loom bracket from Toyota Genuine Parts. He asked me to look at it closely while trying to hold back a big grin. After a few seconds wondering what he was talking about, there it was right above the part number…

It’s got to be a joke, right? Surely the person who printed out the label added the “offensive” (depends on who you ask!) word was doing out of pure amusement. Although considering the amount of parts being sent out every day, this must’ve been printed automatically? If so, could this be a genuine code used by Toyota Motor Company? I’ll give them a call on Monday and find out!

Ahh that Justin… what a crack up! Only in Japan!

Rockstar Drifter RC


It’s Eric O’Sullivan’s Rockstar Energy Drink sponsored AE86 in micromachine scale! Well not quite, but this RC drifter comes pretty damn close to the real thing.  Do any of our readers have drift RC AE86s? Drop us a pic of yours and your name and we will feature a gallery of the best submissions!

Check out the rest of the pics of this yellow bandit here.

D1 Flashback!


Dino over at SPEEDHUNTERS has some drifting flashbacks to get us into the mood for Autopolis D1GP next weekend!

I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back in history. Well, only 6 years at least! This is one of the first D1 events I covered, back in November 2003. Armed with my new Canon 10D I headed to check out what these pro-drifters could do, little did I know that I’d be covering drifting for many years to come!

Check it out now!

New Initial-D Manga Translations


More updates by those very keen Initial D fans have been busy at work translating the latest happenings of the Project.D team. Check out Issues 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 if you haven’t already and newly released 37 and 38 over at ClubCarisma. Thanks to all the translators out there who do the fansubbing of our favorite manga and anime free of charge!

Whoops! We Were Wrong

Back in March we posted some info about a matte black car owned by Toshiki Yoshioka. We were misunderstood about which certain AE86 it was as it seems there is two red demon AE86’s owned by TOSHIKing. Even though Toshiki himself said to Alexi from Noriyaro, that the car was one and the same and that it was also ‘the one he took to America’ there was more to the story. Apparently the confusion is with the ‘blue’ Espelir car and the ‘red’ one as we have been contacted by The Tuners Group, the Australian dealer of Yoshioka’s ‘Red’ AE86 to which he requested we post this:

“The black AE86 which is pictured in the article is NOT the red AE86 driven by Toshiki Yoshioka which is currently for sale and being advertised on The Tuners Group’s website.

The author of the article and the operators of the website apologise to Toshiki Yoshioka, Works Bell and The Tuners Group for any confusion created by the incorrect information published in the article about the red AE86 advertised at The Tuners Group Website.

The red AE86 advertised on The Tuners Group website and the black AE86 pictured in the article are completly different cars.”

So there you have it! Sorry intrepid readers, we were apparently wrong! The black car in shot was once red (notice the door jambs and radiator support) and the images on The Tuners Group site show a Red car featuring blue door jambs! The devil, it seems, is in the details!

Don’t Worry…


The driver was quite OK. The Levin? … not so much. His advice for you all? Just watch those sticky ripple strips.

20 Valves of Toughness


We featured this particular car way back in July last year, but Dino being new to the Speedhunters editorial crew, has posted up desktop images of this flawless Levin for all the AE86 fans to salivate over.

Jump on over to Speedhunters to download your high-res hotstuff.