Whoops! We Were Wrong

Back in March we posted some info about a matte black car owned by Toshiki Yoshioka. We were misunderstood about which certain AE86 it was as it seems there is two red demon AE86’s owned by TOSHIKing. Even though Toshiki himself said to Alexi from Noriyaro, that the car was one and the same and that it was also ‘the one he took to America’ there was more to the story. Apparently the confusion is with the ‘blue’ Espelir car and the ‘red’ one as we have been contacted by The Tuners Group, the Australian dealer of Yoshioka’s ‘Red’ AE86 to which he requested we post this:

“The black AE86 which is pictured in the article is NOT the red AE86 driven by Toshiki Yoshioka which is currently for sale and being advertised on The Tuners Group’s website.

The author of the hachiroku.com.au article and the operators of the hachiroku.com.au website apologise to Toshiki Yoshioka, Works Bell and The Tuners Group for any confusion created by the incorrect information published in the article about the red AE86 advertised at The Tuners Group Website.

The red AE86 advertised on The Tuners Group website and the black AE86 pictured in the article are completly different cars.”

So there you have it! Sorry intrepid readers, we were apparently wrong! The black car in shot was once red (notice the door jambs and radiator support) and the images on The Tuners Group site show a Red car featuring blue door jambs! The devil, it seems, is in the details!


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