When The Going Gets Tough


Who is angry, upset or just basically let down? Let down by who? The one we spoke so highly of early this month! Yes that little vixen on four wheels with curves that we drool for! Do you ever get that feeling your car has the personality of a vegan super model feminist who will only put out once a month?

As of late this just seems to be it with my lil Trueno of problems! They aren’t big problems but small ones that always seem to end my track day earlier then it should. You leave angrier then a 45minute argument with a blonde girl from Cronulla, feeling dirtier then a night in The Cross and more mentality drained then that afternoon with that librarian who had a thing for in Year 7. Usually after this lil mellow dramatic episode your mind splits into two roads consisting of the ‘Sell it Road’ and “Fix it Street’.

Sell it and move on to something else? Sometimes being the better option for some, but what do you move on to? What about that empty hole in your soul this Japanese hussy has ripped? Will you be doomed to drift the world with this undefeated Moby Dick of your Ex-automotive lover on your conscience?

The other option is keep it and improve it. This is normally the decision made by about 80% of us, we see the problem and we know just like human woman, they will always be crazy crazy dames. But we love them so much that we will do whatever we need, to make them sing again. But sadly, usually while on this road we start to imagine ourselves more and more on the other road. Mainly cause we see the options of improving it becoming fewer and fewer.

But I think before we take a trip down either one of these roads, sometimes its better take a back seat, take a breath and then go from there. I think this is something we all miss. We all jump straight on the road and follow it and sometimes leads to regret or slaps us back in the same boat. Sadly this is not the lightest blog on HR but we have all been through it and without a doubt go through it again in the future. I just think it is something important to speak about especially on a ‘Diehard’ blog where to ‘sell up’ is not the code we follow, instead we live by the samurai code: Death before dishonour.


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