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PaperCraft AE86

Don’t have the money to fix your hachi or even to ponder the possibilites with a plastic model replica of your dream hachiroku?? Well look no further for a solution for your hachi-fever because now you can have your every own paper AE86!

Check out these links here and here (and instructions here) for your paper ’86 fix!

Soundtrack To An AE86 Life

Some would argue that the only -music- that should be playing whilst driving an AE86 is solely the 4A-GE itself, singing away in the engine bay. This argument aside though, there is another style of music that can be found most frequently radiating from the car stereos of AE86’s.Upon hearing this style of music for the first time, that is to the uninitiated; It is always met with perplexed astonishment.

The music is Super Eurobeat and I thought we could give you the low-down on this bizarre yet addictive sub-genre that is associated with our scene.


What The F…?

Takumi ain’t got nothin’ on this winged drift king…

On Any Given Sunday

Hangin’ out, talking shit & driving the best car ever made.. What could be better?

’86 Drifting Bikini Girls? Oh Yeah

Probably the coolest yet most bizarre thing I’ve seen this year, this spin off of the ‘DRIFT’ series of DVD’s is the story of 3 girls dubbed the ’86Angels’, one 86 and an all-girl drift battle to end all battles.

Titled DRIFT Special: Beauty Battle, you only know it’s going to be awesome. Here is a short highlight, but make sure to watch the entire story (with dubious subtitles) from the first video.

Do You Dare To Think About It???

On Sunday I was out taking photos at Oran Park, for an Initial Drift practice day. Brad aka Steroidchickens, was out there kicking ass in his CA18 powered Levin Hatch like he normally does. All was going well until the end of the day, where Brads car was part of an incident where an S15 Silvia ran into him. Although the damage was not that bad, and surprisingly Brad was not too worried about it, the moment of the point of impact actually made my heart cringe.

This brings me to the point of this blog entry. Have you ever thought about how you would react if your beloved Hachi was involved in an incident and heaven forbid written off? I felt sick inside just seeing another ’86 getting hurt let alone my own pride and joy.

Personally, I probably would have went crazy. When a random guy reversed into my sprinter while it was parked on the side of the road, I went absolutely nut case at the guy..

So that brings me to the all important question: How do you think you would react if your hachi got damaged? Please use the comment function and let us know!

Yahoo Auction’s Japan

Every now and then I like to look at Yahoo Auctions Japan, just to see what cars are available currently in Japan. It’s interesting to see the different approach to styling the Japanese 86 owners take. Some times you get some amazing examples, other times you just see rubbish. I also enjoy looking at other Toyotas from the era such as TE71s and KP61s (truth be told, I would swap my Hachi for one in a heartbeat…) as I wish deep down Toyota had brought these cars to Australia way back in the day.

Anyway, I use to never look on yahoo auctions as I could never navigate my way around the site, due to poor layout and the language barrier. However, I found a website that makes my viewing of Yahoo Auctions so much easier and it also attempts to translate the Japanese into English too!!! Score!!

The whole point of this entry is to create a regular blog that will show you guys some of the hottest AE86s we dig up on Yahoo Auctions.

See a sweet example after the jump.


One Shot: Shake of Worker

MSC is a grassroots drift series in Japan which features some of the hottest privateer driftcars around. This tasty morsel is from a drift team called ‘Shake of Worker’… Is this not the coolest team name you have ever heard? Classic!

Wear Your 86 Close To Your Heart

Every day i usually just do some random surfing of the internet and i happened to stumble upon an aspiring clothing designer, Jaidan Watson, who happens to have a luv for the humble Hachi Roku. Jaidan has used his design skill to come up with a collections of different car related t-shirts, but you can clearly tell he is an 86 fan!!!

Here is a link to Jaidans website where you can see the t-shirts for yourself:

The Best AE86 Engine Bays!

Here at the HR blog we love the AE86, and maybe we love the 4A-GE even more, but the guys over on the forums have had a truly excellent idea: Start a picture thread with only the best engine bays ever found in an AE86. It contains not only the best examples of the mighty 4A but other quirky engine transplants too!

Check out the whole thread and add your own favorites too, we can’t get enough of it!