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Every now and then I like to look at Yahoo Auctions Japan, just to see what cars are available currently in Japan. It’s interesting to see the different approach to styling the Japanese 86 owners take. Some times you get some amazing examples, other times you just see rubbish. I also enjoy looking at other Toyotas from the era such as TE71s and KP61s (truth be told, I would swap my Hachi for one in a heartbeat…) as I wish deep down Toyota had brought these cars to Australia way back in the day.

Anyway, I use to never look on yahoo auctions as I could never navigate my way around the site, due to poor layout and the language barrier. However, I found a website that makes my viewing of Yahoo Auctions so much easier and it also attempts to translate the Japanese into English too!!! Score!!

The whole point of this entry is to create a regular blog that will show you guys some of the hottest AE86s we dig up on Yahoo Auctions.

See a sweet example after the jump.

At the moment this red Kouki Trueno tickles my fancy as its got the ever so common look of the grass root drift car all caged up, with spare wheels and tyres in the boot, nice after market body kit, rocking white Rays TE37s, that where made famous by the legendary 86 drifter Ueo.

Its also sporting a worked AE92 16v with Solex Carbs, 12.5:1 compression and big lift TRD cams. This car would sound truly amazing.

This can be all yours for a reserved price of 650,000 Yen plus shipping and import costs.


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