Do You Dare To Think About It???

On Sunday I was out taking photos at Oran Park, for an Initial Drift practice day. Brad aka Steroidchickens, was out there kicking ass in his CA18 powered Levin Hatch like he normally does. All was going well until the end of the day, where Brads car was part of an incident where an S15 Silvia ran into him. Although the damage was not that bad, and surprisingly Brad was not too worried about it, the moment of the point of impact actually made my heart cringe.

This brings me to the point of this blog entry. Have you ever thought about how you would react if your beloved Hachi was involved in an incident and heaven forbid written off? I felt sick inside just seeing another ’86 getting hurt let alone my own pride and joy.

Personally, I probably would have went crazy. When a random guy reversed into my sprinter while it was parked on the side of the road, I went absolutely nut case at the guy..

So that brings me to the all important question: How do you think you would react if your hachi got damaged? Please use the comment function and let us know!


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