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AE86 related events & HR Official Events.

2010 AE86 Matsuri!

Dino @ SPEEDHUNTERS blog has got the photos of the last 2010 AE86 matsuri up, so check em out in all their racing glory!


Okayama AE86 Festival 2010

The 2010 AE86 festival in Okayama has just past and unfortunately (for me) I can no longer say I am the only HR member to go to this awesome event, as fellow HR members Steve and Derek have now visited Hachi Roku Mecca!

Hit the jump for all the photos from the event!

UPDATE: Video of the event added!


HR AE86 Annual 2010: (R)Adelaide Here We Come!

Yes that’s right boys and girls! We are bringing the HR AE86 Annual to South Australia on the 23rd and 24th of October this year! Like last year, we are inviting all RWD Corolla owners to come along with the regular AE86 crew for an awesome weekend!

After the  2009 Annual (the year of the conspiracy) where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, we decided that its about time we pay a visit to Adelaide. In the past and even despite last year’s shmozzle, we had dedicated AE86ers come all the way from Adelaide!

The reason why we are coming south is simple. We’ve never been there! We have been to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, but never to the city of ‘The Hills’!


AE86IRL Does Mondello

Check out the pics Here!

Tsuzuki Parking Area Meet

Dino over at SPEEDHUNTERS has all the luck. When in Japan, it seems coming across an epic AE86 meet is as easy as driving on the highway…

The Tsuzuki Parking Area on the Daisan Keihin expressway, a stone throw away from my home, is at times the place where one of the biggest AE86 meetings in the Tokyo/Yokohama area occurs. Forget your loud Daikoku PA meetings, the atmosphere at Tsuzuki on that Saturday night a few months back was very relaxed, no loud music being blared out from “night club on wheels” vans and no interference from bosozoku bike gangs that usually get most meetings prematurely shut down thanks to their concertos of unsilenced exhausts.


AE86’s @ Formula D 2010

Anontio and the crew over at MotorMavens have got their coverage up of the first round of the 2010 Formula D at Long Beach in the USA. Good to see a few hachirokus represented, especially the  (now pink and yellow) Trueno monster of Taka Aono. Jump over to MM now and check out the pics!


AMMA Time!

Here at HR, we are all about gathering info and sharing the love of the global AE86 community.  So when we heard of the newest hachiroku community movement in Japan we were really excited!


More AE86 Festivals!? Hell Yeah!

There’s nothing we like more than AE86 festivals,and as it turns out there is a MASSIVE race/showoff happening on December 26th at Tsukuba Circuit! Featuring official races of N2, N2S, N1, N1.5 and even Group A, there will be nothing short of awesome on the track all day!  They are giving away massive prizes to the racers too, not the kinda prizes you noramlly see either – A 5-speed TRD Cross-mission gearbox sound good? Hell yeah! And 2 sets of RS Watanabe wheels and a bunch of Koyo racing radiators too. Not a bad haul eh? Off the track theres a used parts flea market, a show and shine event and a Q&A session with the top drivers of the weekend!

With more being announced daily, check out all the latest details over at the MercuryEP site!

Autumn Drift Matsuri


Dino over at SPEEDHUNTERS was lucky enough to be at the Autumn drift matsuri last weekend and he snapped some cool shots of hachirokus on the track.

Check out the gallery (the first of no doubt a few!) at SPEEDHUNTERS.

Does It Matter?


We have no idea which circuit in Japan this is or even when these shots were taken, but does it matter? Love livin’ the ’86 life!