More AE86 Festivals!? Hell Yeah!

There’s nothing we like more than AE86 festivals,and as it turns out there is a MASSIVE race/showoff happening on December 26th at Tsukuba Circuit! Featuring official races of N2, N2S, N1, N1.5 and even Group A, there will be nothing short of awesome on the track all day!  They are giving away massive prizes to the racers too, not the kinda prizes you noramlly see either – A 5-speed TRD Cross-mission gearbox sound good? Hell yeah! And 2 sets of RS Watanabe wheels and a bunch of Koyo racing radiators too. Not a bad haul eh? Off the track theres a used parts flea market, a show and shine event and a Q&A session with the top drivers of the weekend!

With more being announced daily, check out all the latest details over at the MercuryEP site!

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