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AE86 related events & HR Official Events.

Carland Meet in Kyoto

After our mini featurette on Japanese workshop Carland, most of you should be familiar with the Kyoto based company and its AE86 expertise. Now, Carland have just started to organise meets and events for their customers and other Kyoto based ’86 drivers. Their first meet last month in Kyoto was a meet up at the Arashi Mountain Takao Parkway Parking Area for a group photoshoot for the upcoming Toyota Levin & Trueno Magazine Issue 21.

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Video: NZ AE86 Rally Car

If you guys haven’t realised yet, I’m a bit of a rally nut….. Anyway I found this video of a New Zealand AE86 getting thrashed through the forests. This guy’s a really good steerer and I’m sure the car has lots of choice bits under it. The driver, Lyndon Galbraith, ended up finishing 1st in class, 1st 2WD and 15th outright, which is a pretty good result considering he would have been taking it easy as he just spent $20g refurbishing the car with a brand new drivetrain.

Here is the in-car footage from the first stage:

Also i found a newspaper article about the event:

Toyota Fest USA AE86 Pics

Toyota Fest USA 2008 was held in California last weekend, which saw hundreds of Toyota owners merge together to show off their pride and joy for all to see. Of course a Toyota car show would not be the same with out some of the best AE86s in the USA.

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Under the Watchful Gaze of Mt Fuji, They Gathered in Their 100’s…

We’ve got some great photos today from a short ‘touring meet’ in Hakone, Japan on April 27th. Not much else is known about the meet up yet but judging from the photos it was a huge success! White is ever popular as you can see …

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Formula D Singapore: The AE86 Has Still Got It.

Last weekend was the first ever Formula Drift event held in Singapore. The AE86 was well represented with at least 3 cars in the field. Tengku Djan, piloting his Trueno Hatch was leading up to the final battle but ended up finishing 2nd, due to a spin just before the finish line. He also took the honour of fastest entry speed, clocking in @ 107Kph on the speed trap. It Just goes to show the AE86 still has the potential to go up against the big-boys at pro level drift competitions.

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AE86’s in YZ Circuit

When it opened in 1997, YZ Circuit was originally intened to be a dedicated motorcycle track, but in recent times the majority of traffic rolls into the track on four wheels. An almost even 50/50 split of grip and drift events ensures that there is always some sweet action on the track and due to the dangerous and exciting nature of the circuit, official competitions and events are often held there much to the delight of motorsport fans.

These pics (courtesy of 7TUNE) are from a recent event held by Tetsuya Hibino from Sunrise Garage. It was mostly a drift practice session but the afternoon had a friendly team drift competition where groups of three cars per team would be competing against each other.

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Yukari Bokujyo in Okinawa, Japan

Just a quicky on this long-weekend holiday, here are a few pics in Okinawa from the Team Hinga boys at a little drive day they had yesterday. A little insight into their little island’s AE86 culture. Cheers to Chris from Team Hinga for the pics.

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Prodrift European & IRL Series Photos

Some shots from last week’s Prodrift European and IRL events at Mondello Park courtesy of series photographer Paddy McGrath.

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April HR Meet @ HOOTERS Sydney!

Orange short shorts, tasty ribs, NA Power and the war cry of ‘RA RA RA its my birthday’ were what was experienced by all that attended the April monthly meet up Sunday night at the Sydney Hooters restaurant in Parramatta!

Turn up was 7pm sharp, and sharp it was! First crazy i saw was Mr Adam, in his nicely tuned Aussie Sprinter along with him was a sweet looking gunmetal GTV 86 driven by none other then Jun himself! Few others rolled in with that look in their eye that they wanted a fat steak and the sights of some sexy girls.

Our brand new range of HR stickers were out in force as everyone parted with their church change for some slick glitter chrome goodness! More designs and vinyl effects to come so watch the blog for more!

Cars to remember were young Damo’s mint JDM Trueno hatch which is the hotness of hot for the new kids on the block! It’s good to see such eager new 86 owners! Speaking of newbies, the exact opposite definition was the Purple Trueno Coupe owned by old-school hachi disciple and HR blogger Andrew! Yet another hot hot import coupe courtesy of the Irishman in the west!

Food was great! Laughs and company were even better! Hope to see you all at the next one!

Cheers to Kei Pix and Matt Mead Photography for the camera work.

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Massive AE86 Meet: Irish Style!

Irish AE86 Meet

Our AE86-crazy friends over in Ireland really know how to run an event! This is a meet held at a private yard in Tullow (County Carlow for the non-locals). In a warehouse with ample clear space outside, crazy paddy’s got their revs on with a show-off inside and then circle work outside. We love it (and to be honest are hella jealous of their warehouse)!

Word on the street is the next meet is at the rally of the lakes in Killarney in early May, and then the organisers are planning on going back to the Carlow venue after that for more of the same, so if your keen on attending, contact the hachiroku fella’s over at to get the inside info!

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