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HR Victoria Photoshoot Meet


Our first HR Victoria monthly meet of 2009! This month we just planed to have a low key meet which included some beers at one of my favourite cafes called Cafe Garage. Its the only place I know of where you can park your car inside the cafe! Beers flowed and everyone had a blast. Festivities were followed by a photo-shoot at the top of South Melbourne Market with us hoping to catch the skyline of Melbourne as the backdrop. Unfortunately we got there too late and it was to dark to take any good photos, but we did manage to get one decent photo! (Thanks Peter!)

Stay tuned for next months HR Victoria monthly meet which will involve some cruising on one of the twisty roads around Victoria….

Shop Review: Westside Exhausts


Some of you may or may not know, but for the last 4 months I have been completely rebuilding my Trueno into a huge money pit…. I mean into a 4A-GTE equipped drift weapon. Since it is finally at the stage where the exhaust and intercooler piping needed to be made, I could have just done it myself like I have done in the past, but I thought this time if I was going to all the extra effort in other areas on the car, then this could not be half arsed!


Interview: ’86 Drifter Sam Holz

A member of the original HR crew, Sam is one of Queensland’s finest sideways pilots: A laid back, smart arse of a character who is always up for some ’86 thrash action. In 2008 Sam has continually found himself at the top of drift competitions all across Australia, all the while leaving out the egotistical bullsh*t we all too often see in the world of drifting. (more…)

HR GOR Cruise Report

Another month and another HR Victoria monthly meet, this time we headed down the Great Ocean Road to take in the beautiful scenery and pristine blacktop.

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!


Irish Meet Prequel!

A few months back we posted up some awesome photos of a huge AE86 meet in the land of the shifty leprechaun. It turns out that was the second such meet (or 3rd?) of 2008. Our Irish HR brothers like their meets, and thanks to HR forum member ‘JamesAE86’ we have now got a huge list of photos of the other meet(s) that went down. There are some nice cars on show for sure. My question is where is the love for the stocky clover AE86 rims? Where’s the patriotism! (only joking guys!)

Below is a fine selection of photos, naturally there is the obligatory ‘wet carpark’ photos (lol, no that’s not a euphemism) I think after seeing a bunch of photos of how the Irish lads do their thing it can safely be said that whenever you see a rainbow it doesn’t lead to a pot of shiny precious metal it actually leads to a carpark of several pieces of precious metal doing circle work! If you have any more photos feel free to hit the forums to share the wealth and also check out more of these pics.


AE86 Annual 2008

I’m happy to announce the brand spankin new site for the AE86 Annual 2008 is done!

Come check it out and get all the low down on the MASSIVE event we’ve got in store for this year! Everyone is welcome to attend both days of hachiroku fun (and no doubt madness when Beau gets to QLD….) yes that means even you KE70 guys! We know HR is AE86 ‘exclusive’ but we’re more than happy for everyone to come down and enjoy the good times to be had!

Did i mention the $2500 bucks in prizes to be won? Oh no I didn’t… YES that’s right, We aren’t mental but thanks to our 2008 event sponsors Kaizen Garage, JDMYARD, AJPS and Royal Garage, we are proud to have selection of awesome parts and accessories to be won!

To be eligible to win all you need to do is come to the event in your AE86 (sorry KE guys!) and register with the HR Event Staff and hope your name gets drawn in the raffle! Prizes will be randomly drawn all weekend and anyone can win so don’t miss out!!

See you there guys, I wanna see Queensland show the rest of Australia’s AE86 community just how massive the AE86 scene is up there in my home town!

Sydney HR Meet-Up THIS SUNDAY!

This Sunday the 28th,  we will be holding our September End Of Month Meet “Bowling for Steak”

HR will be heading to the Outback Steakhouse for eats and then across the road to AMF bowling to see who has the biggest balls.. err bowling balls that is!

We will be meeting at 6PM in the Outback Steakhouse car park, then upstairs for meat’N’greet!! Prices start at $15 for their burgers and up for $32 for the BIG T bone.

Once were full up there, we can waddle on to the AMF bowling centre for a few games of ten pin and laughs!

Outback Steakhouse 3 George Street North Strathfield Link

AMF Bowling Centre Link

HOPE TO SEE ALL YOU REGULARS AND NEW FACES AS WELL! Remember be on your best behaviour too!

Takumi Project Reunion

Some of the guys across the pond took it upon themselves to re-open the history book and re-live the fun they all use to have at the Takumi Project shop before it closed down. Check out some of the rigs that turned up at the reunion over at Club4A-G Forums, all looking amazing I might say!

The Evan Interview!

Here at HR we try to recognise those people in our community that have made or tried to make a difference as much as possible. People that have been in the scene for a long time or have owned/built/raced 86’s over the years.

We are going to try and turn this into a more regular type of thing. So if you enjoy this interview and know someone else worth interviewing please give us a yell with their contact details and why their journey has inspired you and why you think it should be told!


HR Big Burger Cruise Report

Another month and another HR Victoria monthly meet, this time we went for a cruise on some twisty roads to Buxton for some over sized burgers.

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!