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Are You A Purist?


Its music to my ears… Wide open throttles screaming  at 9000rpm, going through corners at full bore as hard as you can! This is is the way I live: Life at high RPM!  I havent always been a purist though…


A Hidden Gem


Thursday night, I was at home doing nothing special and a call came through from DK admin and HR blogger Mr Beauman Jones. “Hey what are you doing Saturday?” Nothin’.

“I’m going to check out this this guys sprinter with an SR20 in it. Its one of the first with an SR engine in it, wanna come?”. Cool I’m down for that!

So after a bit of stuffing around and going the right direction we end up at Bob’s house. Bob is a mature aged man, or as he puts it “An old bastard”, who has had his AE86 for the last nine years.


Interview: Adam & His ADM Levin


Today we have the first of a few interviews on the people behind the HR blog.  Adam is one of the driving forces behind HR Blog’s editorial content and specifically the writer of the much loved AE86 Tuning Guide. We catch up and talk shop with a die-hard member of the ‘AE86 For Life’ crew.


Don’t Forget! Melb HR Swap Meet THIS SUNDAY!!


Don’t forget guys and gals, this Sunday we’re having our first ever HR Swap Meet in Melbourne! Doesn’t matter if it’s an AE86 or any other Toyota, just bring your bits along and trade up!

Date & Time
Sunday 10th May 2009 @ 2PM

Meeting Point
Brimbank Park (last carpark). End of Park Drive @ Keilor VIC 3033

See you there!

From Zero To Hero


Seriously… I love these kinds of threads! Everyone gets to see the evolution from the blank ’86 canvas you started with to the masterpiece (or work in progress) you have now! Check out the Club4AG guys’ cars over on the forums for some seriously awesome builds!

Eric O’Sullivans 2009 Drift AE86


Smack talk aplenty surrounds Eric’s new 2009 drift whip over at the Driftworks forums.

Bit pointless to enter the JDM series though, you don’t stand a a chance against us!  Especially in that powerless mincy old Toyota. If your feeling really confident we can put a little wager on it, a £1000 says we whoop your ass!  You up for it, or scared??

Seems like there may be bets layed down for the outcome of the ’09 championship. I love it when they talk dirty!

Two Car Shuffle: To Daily An AE86 Or Not?


After reading Beau’s blog trying to rationalise us AE86 owners, it got me thinking: Firstly how much I agree with him (except the skinny arse part..) on the fact that each time I drive my AE86 I love every minute of it! I also hated every minute of it as well…. “Hated?” you say? Let me explain why.


Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright


What is it with us and the AE86!? Why are some of us so obsessed and moved by this particular hunk of Japanese steel from the era of Zipps, acid wash j, Fluro shirts and Atari?? This is a question that I seem to be asking myself more and more as of late.

Could it be cause I’ve now got a finished lemon dipped Hachi Roku or the fact everyone that surrounds me is as infatuated with this 1980s legend of the 1600cc class? Is it this constant lifestyle that I’m apart of that is to blame?

It could also be the car too: I identify with it. It’s the symbol of my outward personal self- the small one that just keeps pushing and never backs down. Or it could be that this car just like the right girl or same boy (Matt? :P) can just feel so right from the start?


Guest Blog on Speedhunters


HR Blog has been featured on Speedhunters as a part of their ‘Toyota Month’ in February.

Rod asked me to make a top ten list of the best and most influential AE86’s. I’m no expert on everything Hachi so I decided to ask some of my friends from Australia who run the Hachiroku blog if they could help me out, they happily obliged. So here you have it, the top ten most influential AE86’s through the eyes of Adam Hocker and Garth Ivers.

Have a read and let us all know what you think in their comments! Much love to Jeroen (aka Kultivate) for this opportunity!

Toyota’s 086A (Still With A Boxer Heart)


In a press interview at the Tokyo Auto Salon last month, the next President of Toyota Motor Co. Akio Toyoda was asked many questions about where Toyota was heading and also one question which might be of particular interest to Japanese sports car enthusiasts. “How’s the development coming along regarding the sports car jointly developed with Subaru?” His reply to the question was answered fairly assuredly in 3 parts.

The car has been codenamed internally as 086A, an obvious homage to the legendary AE86 Corolla.