HR GOR Cruise Report

Another month and another HR Victoria monthly meet, this time we headed down the Great Ocean Road to take in the beautiful scenery and pristine blacktop.

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!

This month we decided to go for a cruise along the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay for a good old fashion BBQ. As always there were a few new AE86’s to join us HR regulars for this months meet. But we were also joined with some non AE86’s but still pretty cool cars like a 20v TA22 Celica, a Lancer Evo VIII and a Toyota Chaser which everyone fell in love with. As always my car wasn’t ready for this months event but I had the pleasure or riding shotgun in a 4A-GZE powered AE86 through the the Great Ocean Road and now I just can’t wait to finish my car now!

Hopefully my car will be finished for the next HR meet in December! Keep an eye on the forums for the times, locations and dates!

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