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VIDEO: Mobara Drift

More drifting videos ’cause we just cant get enough. Shot on location by Aussie journo Alexi Smith, this drift session at Mobara Circuit had almost every car in attendance being an AE86. Super awesome grassroots drifting right here! Just listening to those 4A-G’s sing warms my heart!

Yoshioka Wins Vegas Formula D

Last Sunday, D1 driver and ace AE86 pilot Toshiki Yoshioka from Team Droo-P, steered his AE86 with its NA 4A-GE  blacktop 20 valve to Formula D victory – smashing everyone else with a definitive win for the AE86.  Only the second time he has competed in a Formula D event, the ‘Toshiking’ reminded everyone else of the true power and meaning of the car that that started it all – the mighty AE86!

His skill was so perfect at times that some of the Formula D drivers who tried matching Yoshioka’s speed through the course reportedly ended up slamming into the wall!

The final battle was against Daijiro Yoshihara, driving Rhys Millen’s former championship car, the infamous Pontiac GTO. After a battle of epic proportions, Yoshioka and his AE86 had made the statement and victory was undoubtedly his. Good job Toshiki – you make us AE86 drivers proud!

Check out the pics after the jump.


HOTSTAFF: One Make Racing!

In Japan HOTSTAFF is a name synonymous with hard-tuned circuit-spec 4A-GE’s. Aptly self-exclaimed as a ‘Race Engine Manufacture Company’, HOTSTAFF is located in the north of Japan on the island of Hokkaido far from the neon lights and allure of busy Tokyo. It might be this seclusion from the majority of AE86 garages in southern Japan that makes HOTSTAFF and their customers so unique.

Being so far from the mainstream AE86 scene, the Hokkaido AE86 drivers compete in what they refer to as their ‘One Make Race’. Held a few times a year at Hokkaido Speed Park or HSP since 2005, the ‘One Make Race’ is a small but friendly competition between AE86 drivers to hone their skills and have some fun.

It hasn’t happened since 2006 but we’re hoping the drivers from Hokkaido are planning a comeback!

Check out the pics from the ’06 event after the jump.


What The!? Scale 4A-GE Model

Mike Vilenna is a no mere mortal. He is a member of scale modelling forum 4x4RC has started a project to build a scale 4A-GE engine for what he says will be an AE86 concourse modelling project.  Not only is the engine superbly detailed externally but it has fully-functional internal components too! Not just the pistons, but a crankshaft, rods, valves and even valvesprings!! The level of worksmanship is beyond crazy – it’s insane!

Check out the progress pics by this super-human modeller here.

AE86’s Invade Ebisu Circuit

Courtesy of JDMTAS, these pics from Ebisu Circuit show that not only is the Japanese AE86 scene in no danger of slowing down – it’s actually getting even bigger with the majority of the cars on track on this day being top-spec hachi roku’s!

Check out a few AE86 related pics from the day after the jump!


In Search of Perfection

This car is amazing! The fit and finish is simply breathtaking! If there was such thing as a perfect bodied AE86, this might just be it!

Miguel Newera, a Japan-Based UK import & parts specialist (and owner of an equally hot AE86 himself) gives us the rundown of his customer Atsushi’s brand new car as well as a selection of Photos from none other than Dino Dalle Carbonare.


’86 Takes Out F16 ARC Rally QLD!

Ben and the crew at Cullen RallySport have successfully completed ARC Rally Queensland taking top honours in the F16 Championship and also the ‘Quickest 2WD Car’ at the end of the event.

Despite some minor starter issues throughout the weekend the little ’86 ran flawlessly, getting quicker and quicker throughout the event! Despite their main competition falling foul of the fast and tricky roads, the Sprinter took the win all the while reaching nearly 180 km/h on some of the faster sections of the rally.

The team now has a break before the next round planned round of the ARC, Rally Melbourne for some much needed car upgrades to the engine and braking systems which will help maintain the lead they currently have in F16 Championship.

VIDEO: Unbridled Joy of AE86

This guy seems to be having the best damn time ever. Can you really blame him?

Flat out down Ebisu straight with a clutch-kick at the end is simply pure insanity.

Source: YouTube

Sydney HR BBQ & Drive. THIS SUNDAY!

That’s right folks, another Sydney HR Montly Meet is upon us! This Sunday we’re out and about with a BBQ at Bobbin Head for lunch then for a drive through Galston Gorge to Wisemans Ferry, along Peats Ridge to Cowan through to Brooklyn to Hornsby where we will be ending the day at the pub for good times good food and great beer!!

Sausages and drinks will be provided at the BBQ so all we ask is a minimum gold coin donation to cover costs.  Bring money for HR stickers if you want the latest and greatest designs coming off Beau’s sticker cutter!

WHERE: Bobbin Head Park, in Ku Ring Gai National Park

WHEN: 12pm Midday on the 29th June (THIS SUNDAY!)

ROUTE: Galston Gorge to Wisemans Ferry, along Peats Ridge to Cowan through to Brooklyn to Hornsby.

WHAT YOU NEED: A full tank of Petrol, yourself and your car! Bring your friends but remember to be wary of the public please, as we will be in a national park and there will be other people there enjoying themselves. Also, bring some money for afterwards if you wish to stay for the pub, or might stop along the way for a drink break.

Any questions head over to the forum an check out the NSW Events section for more info! Otherwise, see you there!

FNATZ AE86 Trueno Coupe

Due for a full feature in HPI issue #95, (on the stands any day now) this little AE86 was prettied up and shot by resident Japanaholic and motoring journalist Alexi Smith.

Owned by a mechanic from the renowned FNATZ workshop in Tokyo, this daily driver (no i’m not kidding, she’s a daily…) rides on semi slicks powered by a 150kW naturally aspirated 4A-GE with 11.7:1 compression, Cosworth pistons and the rest of the power package goodies you’ll have to pick up the mag to check out.

Not to mention its GX71 power steering conversion and killer trademark Longchamp XR-4’s, this is one feature you dont wanna miss!

Photo: Alexi Smith