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Tasmanian Drifting Devil


Four months of solid work has paid huge dividends for Mark Rogers, who has been building his 3S-GTE powered AE86 in preparation for Saturday’s second round of the Specialised Performance  Garage Tasmanian Drift Series. It was the car’s debut event and what a debut it was!


The Man Behind DriftKulture


Possibly the most outspoken and in your face person in the Aussie AE86 scene, Beauman Jones, son of legendary hot-rod builder and multiple-time Summernats Champion Mark ‘FAT57‘ Jones, gives HR Blog a few minutes to fill us in on his new project: DriftKulture.


Who Needs Four?


Tom from Perth sends in his flying two-wheeled Kung-Fu style. Got a tip or a car you want featured? Email us! blog(at)hachiroku.com.au

HR Victoria Photoshoot Meet


Our first HR Victoria monthly meet of 2009! This month we just planed to have a low key meet which included some beers at one of my favourite cafes called Cafe Garage. Its the only place I know of where you can park your car inside the cafe! Beers flowed and everyone had a blast. Festivities were followed by a photo-shoot at the top of South Melbourne Market with us hoping to catch the skyline of Melbourne as the backdrop. Unfortunately we got there too late and it was to dark to take any good photos, but we did manage to get one decent photo! (Thanks Peter!)

Stay tuned for next months HR Victoria monthly meet which will involve some cruising on one of the twisty roads around Victoria….

Chris O’Shannessy’s AE86 @ IPRA Nationals

While everyone else on the blog team was up in Queensland at the 86 Annual, I was stuck back here in Sydney due to a university exam on the Monday. However, on the Sunday I made the trip out to Oran Park for the Improved Production Racing Association (IPRA) Nationals.

I was pretty excited as I really wanted to see Chris O’Shannessy car in person and i was very impressed. It was definitely one of the best presented cars and the stroked 1888cc 4A-GE sounded amazing going around the track. Chris had a great weekend finishing up second in Under 2L class and finished 12th outright (out of 80 cars) in the final 18 lapping after starting in 30th place due to some car issues in earlier heats.

You can check out some shots of the car in action after the jump.


HR AE86 Annual 2008 – The Wrap Up!

It was 8pm the night before I was set to drive 1100km+, crossing a state and traversing through 100’s of far-off towns on the way to Brisbane, Queensland from Sydney, NSW. I’d gone over everything on my trusty (though unproven over long distance) kouki Trueno coupe the day before; All the fluids were checked and pretty much everything was packed including tools and random spare bits and pieces.

Fellow HR Blog writer Harley was riding shotgun for the trip when I suddenly realised we’d be listening to the incessant ding-ding of the ‘Takumi chime’ (JDM AE86’s have a speed triggered warning chime) So for the 5th year running for our HR Annual, I’d be fiddling with something on the car (though very minor) right before we left. But this made me realise one thing was clear. HR Annual, the weekend that comes around only once a year.. was only just about to begin!


2008 Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge

We have been following Ben and Matt Cullen throughout their attack on the Australia Rally Championship F16 Title and they have done it again, receiving a Top 10 finish in the 2008 Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge last weekend! Good stuff guys.

Check out some in-car footage after the jump:


No Frills, Just Skills!

Back in 2004, the now well-known sport of drifting was only in it’s infancy here in Australia.  A driver well known to the ’86 fraternity for competing in his pink Levin Hatch in Drift Australia and more recently for putting a 1UZ-FE V8 motor into his now red Hachiroku, Josh Young began his 86 drifting career in a piss yellow ’86 sporting only the most basic of basic modifications. He showed that you didn’t need massive amounts of power or fancy mods to be competitive in the drift scene back then.

Please be sure to check out an old article about this car which was originally published in Drift Battle Magazine as well as 10 minutes of video footage of this car in action after the jump!


Get Sideways!

Here are some of the photos that I took of some of HR forum members out drifting at an Initial Drift Practice day. There was three sprinters, redsprinter in his 4A-GTE powered Levin hatch, Steriodchickens in his CA18 powered Levin hatch and James Small in his NA 4A-GE 20 valve powered Levin hatch.


’86 Takes Out F16 ARC Rally QLD!

Ben and the crew at Cullen RallySport have successfully completed ARC Rally Queensland taking top honours in the F16 Championship and also the ‘Quickest 2WD Car’ at the end of the event.

Despite some minor starter issues throughout the weekend the little ’86 ran flawlessly, getting quicker and quicker throughout the event! Despite their main competition falling foul of the fast and tricky roads, the Sprinter took the win all the while reaching nearly 180 km/h on some of the faster sections of the rally.

The team now has a break before the next round planned round of the ARC, Rally Melbourne for some much needed car upgrades to the engine and braking systems which will help maintain the lead they currently have in F16 Championship.