Youchi Hangai’s AE86 Trueno

This particular Sprinter belongs to 35-year-old Yoichi Hangai, a mechanic working in the outskirts of Tokyo at the FNATZ workshop. He might technically have a job in Tokyo, but Yoichi has always lived in the eastern part of nearby Kanagawa prefecture, which is generally considered to be the slightly rougher cousin of the somewhat more refined Tokyo metropolis nearby. Running down alongside Tokyo Bay, it’s an industrial area with lots of long back streets and small mechanical workshops, where the tuners have a reputation for having some of the hardest worked street cars in Eastern Japan.

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AE86 Tuning Guide: Bigger Bang N/A

N/A tuning is all about perfect balance, compression and revs. Balance and revs go hand in hand, as you need balance of the rotating assembly (crank, rods, flywheel, etc) to handle high revs which are needed for making power. Compression is an equal part of the equation, as its the part makes it go bang!

So hit the jump for part two of our AE86 Tuning Guide!

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Stealth Fighter Levin Attack!

Get your black on! Draped from head-to-tyre in Henry Ford pink, this weapon of mass drift-struction, piloted by AE86-Ace Shinichi Yamada, took out second place in the Expert Class (the top solo-run class) at last weekends MSC drift event held at the infamous Odaiba Carpark.

More pics after the jump!

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Everyone Loves A Sweet Rack

AJPS is normally the four letters you will hear after someone asks where can I get some fly shit for my Toyota? Well hold on to your flat brims cause AJPS are pulling out all the stops for the new year. That means either making or bringing in the bits you normally have a hard time getting or haven’t been made yet, and today’s blog is exactly on the money!

What Dave at AJPS is offering to all you lucky cats today is steering rack bushings. ‘Oh whoopee’ you say like my whole intro did nothing for the outcome…. But think about it for a second – the rack bushings are one of the items that connects your steering to the road and is responsible for steering feedback and those annoying shakes you get from your ‘negative-six-demon-camber-Hachi-Roku’ when rolling at over 60kmph.

Still not sold? How about going and having a look under your car and see the condition the stock ones are in now? Ok did I mention these are only $44AUD including shipping (within AUS)? Now compare that to bog stock Toyota ones which are a whopping $120 NOT including shipping!

These bushes are made in conjunction with AJPS and Super Pro Bushings. These are specifically made for the AE86 and our “spirited” style of driving. They will be available for shipping end of this month and are available for everyone to purchase, even Polar Bears in the Arctic Circle! So yes – worldwide!

That means all our Euro brothers, NZ cousins and USA mates can get their hands on these (shipping price may differ). So join the 80+ people that already have their names down for this awesome, simple and inexpensive product! This is great product for anyone if you are a regular track demon or just like a daily touge driver this is a product for everyone! GET ON IT and register in the thread now or contact Dave @ AJPS on or by phone on 0407 716 089.

Keep your eyes peeled for a fitment guide coming up!

HR GOR Cruise Report

Another month and another HR Victoria monthly meet, this time we headed down the Great Ocean Road to take in the beautiful scenery and pristine blacktop.

Check out the full event write-up and pics after the jump!

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Luck Of The Irish

Apparently only a ‘small number’ of their regular attendees, the Irish AE86 scenesters got together last weekend to talk shop and do burnouts with a total of ‘only’ 60 cars attending. Apparently it was too cold for any more…

Dedication I say! Check the jump for the pics!

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AE86 Tuning Guide: Basics Of Power

Over the course of this multi-part guide we are going to explore the ways in which you can modify your AE86. We will cover for the most part what does and doesn’t work without quoting chapter and verse from technical manuals, keeping it as a loose guide on what has worked for us personally and what hasn’t…

Covering all modification types like N/A tuning, forced induction, engine swaps, suspension, drive train and body modification, at each section we will explore the options available for the street cars, circuit cars, and drifters.

So lets begin!

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N2 Race @ Okayama Circuit 2008

I wish I was there to witness this with my own eyes… so awesome!

Coco’s Got Game

Marko (45aken) over on the HR forums is building a ‘HELLA TYTE’ yellow AE86 at the moment, it’s so awesome even his dog Coco can’t help but get in on the skids action – Check out the thread here!

Style & Presence

Hit the Downloads page for two awesome wallpapers of this RunFree-kitted menace piloted by Murakoshi Atsushi; A good friend of Hayashi Wataru from the BM Cup days when they used to kill the Twin-Dori Class in matching purple hachirokus.