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A couple of weeks back, the norcal AE86 guys got together (with the assistance of many, including Drift Social) for a day of fun and drifting. Lots of prizes and what seems flawless organisation the day made it a huge success. This quote from forum member MayanWarrior really tells you what these local AE86 meets are all about:

Me and ma lady, Elysha, will definitely remember this day for the rest of our lives. This really brought back a lot of great 86 culture memories. Everyone is so awesome! I’m so glad the media and popularity of these little slide buckets hasn’t changed the attitude of the Corolla owner at all.

Hell yeah! Check out the event threads here and here and the Picasa album (sorted by car number) here.

Deutschland Destruction

Pretty interesting video made by some German hachiroku maniacs of them drifting and cruising around the local touge in Wiesbaden, Germany. Impressive video editing and a really cool ‘Top Gear’ style clip!

Stick-Up Kids


The characters read “ハチロク魂” or “hachiroku damashii”, which means “the soul of hachiroku”. Thanks Alexi. Do any of you guys have a prized possession sticker? i can remember being pretty proud of my J-blood stickers that came with my carbon hood all those years ago. Hit up the comments and share!

HR Dictionary: Engine & Electrical


Have you ever looked at a forum, tech guide or catalogue of all those shiny bits you want for your car but the terms and abbreviations got you confused? Well with the HR dictionary you’ll never have those problems again!!  In this edition we cover the finer details of the engine and electrical segments of the car with all the techncial and slang terminology you could ever want!

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A Little ’86 Trivia: Levin Rotating Grille


AEU86 admin (and all-round JDM freak!) Banpei has a great FAQ style article on one of those wacky AE86 optional extras: the Levin rotating grille! If you simply HAVE to know about everything ’86 (and I’d like to think you all do!) then head over there and check it out!

And Now For Something Completely Different!

The AE86 Swiss Team at the Slalom de Bière ! At what seems to be a rallycross time-attack style tarmac event, this intrepid bunch of Toyota heads all got into their cars and drove their asses off. Check them out @ (French language only)

A Hidden Gem


Thursday night, I was at home doing nothing special and a call came through from DK admin and HR blogger Mr Beauman Jones. “Hey what are you doing Saturday?” Nothin’.

“I’m going to check out this this guys sprinter with an SR20 in it. Its one of the first with an SR engine in it, wanna come?”. Cool I’m down for that!

So after a bit of stuffing around and going the right direction we end up at Bob’s house. Bob is a mature aged man, or as he puts it “An old bastard”, who has had his AE86 for the last nine years.

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Joe Manji Madness

Awesome coverage of AE86’s at the Joe Manji event in New Zealand!

Forza Virtual ’86 Club


The allure of the ’86 runs deep for a lot of us – even those who don’t own physical AE86s of their own!!

The Forza Motorsport forums (for the XBOX360 game of the same name) have a dedicated tribe of users who meet up ‘in-game’ in their customised hachi rokus to compare mods, talk shop and race their creations – not all that much different to us ‘real lifers’ i guess?

If you’re a HR follower and want to get in on the action check out their official thread and while you’re at it leave your gamer id in our blog comments and get some HR friends to join in with you!

New Wallpapers Up!


It’s been way too long since our last set of wallpapers but today we return with Goto-san’s missle hachiroku’s engine bay in all its rippled and rusty glory and Kazuya from Himawari Racing in his hot pink kouki Trueno coupe in the pits and in action on the track. All pictures courtesy of Alexi at Noriyaro, of course.

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