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HR Feature Cars. The Best AE86’s we can source and snap! In depth interviews with the owners and drivers of these machines.

Run Free Nostalgia


Irish lad James has some cool photos of Yamashita-san’s Levin Coupe from waaay back in 2005 when he was lucky enough to visit the Run Free workshop.

Check em all out over @ AEU86 Forums!

Too Much Headroom?

AE85 Trueno Coupe chopped roof

The majority of average-height western hachi-roku drivers know how short the Japanese actually are: if you are below 6 foot you can still sit okay in the GT seats Toyota put in the AE86 BUT If you are over 6 feet tall, you seriously need to think about low mounted bucketseats or modifying your current seat rails.

Apparently a Japanese man (probably about the size of Ken Nomura) not having this problem thought a roof chop would look great on his AE85 Trueno Coupe:


Don’t Judge


It’s not what you expect…..


ONESHOT: Asayan’s AE86


It’s a Coffee-inspired, Hayashi Street Finned, curb hopping maniac! Alexi @ Noriyaro has a couple of stories up about this creamy coupe.

This rather neat AE86 belongs to a guy who goes by the nickname “Asayan”. Asayan works at a body shop in Osaka called “Looking”, who are well known for their extremely stylish paintjobs. Not only that, Looking are obsessed with drifting as well, and run several “HitomiGo” events a year at Meihan Circuit, named after Hitomi, the other half of Looking.

So check out the statics (when it’s not hanging five @ Maze Circuit) and motion shots (when it is) over at Noriyaro!

So Fresh, So Clean


Tec-Art’s have another super-clean AE86 up in their ever expanding photo gallery and I think it’s fitting for the lead up to Hachiroku Day. In Japan, it’s written 8/6, which technically isn’t today for us Aussies (since its the 6th of the 8th here….) but the Japanese & Americans love it all the same! Anyway, who needs an excuse to drool over sweet ’86’s anyhow?

Check out the gallery here!

An Elusive Beauty


Photographer Jeff Creech shot this retro-themed stunner at Formula Drift Atlanta. Longchamp wheels, N2 bodykit and the most awesome rendition of an 80s-era race paint scheme I’ve seen yet. I’ve done some searching in the U.S. forums but unfortunately can’t find any more info on this elusive beauty.  If your are the owner of this Levin, get in contact with us; we’d love to do a proper feature and an interview. If your not this lucky owner but also have a retro-racer of your own, jump on the email and let us know! We hachiroku enthusiasts should know; you can’t forget your roots! Gotta love the old stuff!

For the rest of you AE86 maniacs, check the pics after the jump! Cheers to Matt Mead for the link.


Dutch Trueno Feature @ Speedhunters


August 6th will be celebrated as the official Hachi-roku day! Speedhunters will do this, just like last year, with a couple of hachi-roku features. This year one of the features will be a stunning Dutch Trueno owned by AEU86 user Mike N and photographed by Speedhunter Jeroen Willemsen on an industrial background.


DEATH-PROOF: Goto-san’s AE86


Goto-san is somewhat an enigma in Fuji Speedway’s drifting fraternity. With his distinct body styling and 10/10th’s driving style it’s no wonder a car like this can be so well regarded whilst being so damn rough. Alexi from Noriyaro was recently at Fuji and managed to capture this unique hachiroku in all its gritty realism. He writes:

The only reason this car exists is for the sole purpose of practicing as much as possible, It shows. “The minimum amount of work for the maximum result” is the philosophy behind this car.

Check out Noriyaro for the rest.

Jason Sherring’s 4A-GTE Levin


The boys over at DK (thats Drift Kulture for you who aren’t in the know) have got a feature up on a pretty trick turbo hachiroku.

Having worked for an import company before, Jason has been able to get his hands on a number of unique parts to add to the ’86, which has helped make it the car it is today. A few parts to mention is the 15×8 Work Equipe 01’s and SSR MKIII’s, a GReddy 4A-GE turbo kit with a TD05, as well as DRoop coilovers.

Sound good? Then head over there and read the rest!

Canadian Cool


Not only the country of some of the best snow fields in the world, Canada is also the home to some hella cool AE86s! PDM racing is one workshop who is pushing the hachiroku envelope in the land of the maple leaf and they’ve posted up their build up log for the trueno race car they built recently.

With nothing more than a bone stock 1986 black on black coupe with only lowering springs, no lsd, worn rubber bushings and stock brakes, the crew at PDM set out on a task to transform the sedate street driven car into a serious competitor.

Hit this link for the log and big cheers to the guys over @ 86ers blog for the story!