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HR Feature Cars. The Best AE86’s we can source and snap! In depth interviews with the owners and drivers of these machines.

Red Inspiration

Something of an enigma, Yamashita Koichi’s red Run Free trueno is certainly a hachiroku I, like many other AE86-heads hold in high regard.  Anontio @ MotorMavens is also one of these guys:

It’s just crazy to think that after all these years (13 years to be exact), this red AE86 Sprinter Trueno 3-door from Running Free still inspires me.. and I hope that’s a feeling that stays with me forever.

Antonio has a full rundown feature of the car, going part by part, from his time spent with machine in 2005. Jump on over to MotorMavens and have a read. Some pretty interesting parts you may have missed from our previous story on the car from SPEED magazine.


Hugo’s Hotness

Good friend of NZ AE86 maniac (and HR’s buddy) Keisuke, Hug-o at GarageRS is equally as crazy about hachirokus and evidently also as talented with getting things sideways. Hug-o’s Levin hatchback wears some pretty tidy dress–up parts for what most people would deem ‘too-nice’ for a drift car, but we love any AE86 that looks this clean and goes this hard!

Hug-o has compiled a bunch of his best photos of a recent trackday venture over at his blog, GarageRS – so check it out and let him know which one is YOUR favourite!

8-Second AE86 Duo

It’s not everyday in the AE86 world you see hachiroku drag cars, but today is a special day. Mike over @ SPEEDHUNTERS has the downlow on a pair of very quick Truenos from the Dominican Republic.

With a lightweight, rear-drive chassis the AE86 makes a fine drag machine, and Isidoro and Mike of the Domincan Republic have used the AE86 chassis to create two of the coolest import drag cars I’ve ever seen.

With 2JZ power, its not surprising these hachirokus are rockets on the quarter mile.

Speedhunters (via

Desktop Domination


Some of you may already have seen a couple of rad pictures featuring an orange hachi from Luxembourg, but for those in need of more pixels best hit the jump!


Smash & Grab


Grassroots drifting at its best. Rod from SPEEDHUNTERS blog has a sweet featurette on one of the local Canadian drifters Chris Scremin. Finishing third in the 2009 Drift Mania West Canadian series, he is one of the top drifters from the Canadian ‘West-Coast’. As a result, the hachi he masterfully pilots week-in week-out is a pretty rough and tumble affair. Rod writes:

As you can expect at typical North American grass roots drift event, the majority of the cars competing were S chassis of various types. But one drifter chose to break the mold with his choice of car and went in a more old school direction: his name is Chris Scremin and this is his 1985 SR-86.

Check out the full article of the destruction over @ SPEEDHUNTERS.

Photo: Rod Chong

Takumi’s Trueno @ Toyota Megaweb

carland initial d replica
In contrary of Itsuki’s voice actor, Takumi’s voice actor is actually a proper AE86 lover hachi owner and lover. Together with Carland86 he turned his old Trueno GTV into an Initial D Sprinter Trueno replica back in 2003! After that Carland86 built the “original” cars used in Initial D The Movie.


Craziest Engine Swap Ever?

mascor ae86

Just when you thought you had seen every possible engine swap so far, here we are to prove you totally wrong! MasCor, a new member at AEU86, is a Turkish AE86 owner who did one of the craziest swaps I’ve seen so far. Can you tell what this hachi is hiding under its hood? Hit the jump to see the answer!


Only The Best


Complete bare metal restoration with a rebuild from mostly new genuine parts!  Not only that but an AE111 20 valve swap and enough Cusco and Greddy suspension parts to send you broke three times over!


Crazier Than Crazy: Twincharged 2JZ AE86

Remember Soara’s amazing hachi powered by a 2JZ? Well he’s been at it again: Thinking the car didn’t have enough power, he created a new modified exhaust header himself to go with a bigger Garrett 45 turbo.. check the jump for more insanity! We love it!




Those crazy Poles are at it again! This time turning their attention to the hachiroku and deciding to ditch the 4A-GE in favor of a 4G63 Evolution engine! Not only that, but the entire rear cradle and independent rear suspension setup from an S13 Silvia has also been tucked under the little AE86!  Nuts!

See the entirety of the build up pics and finished images too over at