Only The Best


Complete bare metal restoration with a rebuild from mostly new genuine parts!  Not only that but an AE111 20 valve swap and enough Cusco and Greddy suspension parts to send you broke three times over!

With a car like this no comprimise can be made. Why the big deal? its BRIDEs demo car after all!


All the fruit in this enginebay. A custom carbon airbox and the lot. All refabricated catch tanks and reservoirs. Remote oil filter and picture perfect front headlights. I especially like the metallic silver enginebay paint, very racecar-esque.


As for the interior, brand new BRIDE Stradia and some really smooth carbon moulded door trims make this one pimpin Levin. Another cool little feature is the re-uphostered dash pad and rear seats to match the leather trim on the buckets. See the video for the ‘tour’.


Glossy inner guards? Nice welding too. It’s all GReddy upfront with their coilover and brake kits.


And the back too! All nice and shiny.

Only a measly 3.5 million yen too!  Check it out here! Cheers to PeakingDuck for the tip on this one!

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