An Elusive Beauty


Photographer Jeff Creech shot this retro-themed stunner at Formula Drift Atlanta. Longchamp wheels, N2 bodykit and the most awesome rendition of an 80s-era race paint scheme I’ve seen yet. I’ve done some searching in the U.S. forums but unfortunately can’t find any more info on this elusive beauty.  If your are the owner of this Levin, get in contact with us; we’d love to do a proper feature and an interview. If your not this lucky owner but also have a retro-racer of your own, jump on the email and let us know! We hachiroku enthusiasts should know; you can’t forget your roots! Gotta love the old stuff!

For the rest of you AE86 maniacs, check the pics after the jump! Cheers to Matt Mead for the link.






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