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Pluspy? Plus P? +P?

You may have seen this sticker on your freshly imported JDM steel or second hand parts and thought WTF? It is the mark of the oldschool


Need Buying Guidance?

Hot 80s Japanese babe in an AE86!

This mid 80s Japanese car buying guide tv show called Car Guidance was found on Youtube.  Apparently the format of this show was to have Japanese women review a car and tell everything about it (from a women’s perspective?).  Apart from the common Laurel and Mark II-like saloons they also did an occasional sports model, like the kouki 1985 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex Twincam…  Hilarity ensues after the jump!


Looking Good In 1990

Looking good in 1990
Just a random picture I stumbled upon at My first thought was “Looking good in 1990” and no, that did not apply to the guy in the picture.

Just think about what our current idea is of a good looking hachi! Even though this guy upgraded his factory stock Levin Apex twincam with a set of 15 inch Weds Albinos, it is far, far from the picture above…

The First Rally AE86!

Probably the first AE86 used in motorsports!

The picture above is showing the first usage of the Toyota AE86 in Rally sports and possibly also the first use of the AE86 in motorsports at all!

The screenshot was taken from a collection of videos (13 in total!) of the first AE86 to be entered the All Japan Rally Championship B Class. This particular round was held on June 4th and 5th 1983.  Since Toyota first started the AE86 production in May 1983, these brand new hachis must still have smelled like a typical 1983-era Japanese Toyota showroom when they rolled up to compete in this rally!

Hit the jump for the videos and more history!


A Little ’86 Trivia: Levin Rotating Grille


AEU86 admin (and all-round JDM freak!) Banpei has a great FAQ style article on one of those wacky AE86 optional extras: the Levin rotating grille! If you simply HAVE to know about everything ’86 (and I’d like to think you all do!) then head over there and check it out!

Czech Please! Team Charouz AE86

About 35km West of Prague in the Kladno province of the Czech Republic lies the town of Lany. With a population of approximately 1610 people you would think there would be nothing of interest to find in this small country township, that’s exactly what I thought when I drove past there a decade or so ago. How wrong I was, because besides the rolling acres of grass and gorgeous picture-postcard scenery there is something worth stopping over for in Lany. And I’m not talking about the local castle that plays summer-vacation-host to the countries President. It’s a building that houses something even more important.


AE86 vs JZA80 Supra Touge CRASH!

Is this a sequel you ask? Well almost, it appears to be the same mountain road featured in an earlier blog we posted a mere few days ago. Another oldie, is it the same AE86? Perhaps.

The JZA80 Supra stretches its legs early on but the Hachi pilot reels him in (a pretty good effort on the uphill section) before there’s an ubrupt (though by the lines of the Supra driver, almost expected) sad end to this pursuit! Thankfully the speed of this video hasn’t been edited, nice sound quality too!

No Frills, Just Skills!

Back in 2004, the now well-known sport of drifting was only in it’s infancy here in Australia.  A driver well known to the ’86 fraternity for competing in his pink Levin Hatch in Drift Australia and more recently for putting a 1UZ-FE V8 motor into his now red Hachiroku, Josh Young began his 86 drifting career in a piss yellow ’86 sporting only the most basic of basic modifications. He showed that you didn’t need massive amounts of power or fancy mods to be competitive in the drift scene back then.

Please be sure to check out an old article about this car which was originally published in Drift Battle Magazine as well as 10 minutes of video footage of this car in action after the jump!


Aussie Group A ’86 @ Bathurst Museum

Almost two years ago I took a trip up to the National Motorsport Muesum at Mt Panorama in Bathurst to check out the old Group A AE86 that used to race around Bathurst back in the day. The museum has restored an old circuit racer and this particular car was piloted by John Smith and Drew Price from 1985 to 1987.

It is said that this car was originally built in Japan but only raced in Australia. The AE86 had 28 class wins from 28 race starts and is recognised for doing so in the ‘Guiness Book of Records’! The car also held the under 2 liter class touring car lap record in every Australian state within its time. Not bad for the humble hachiroku eh?

More pics after the jump:


Finnish Group-n Rally History With Ari Saxberg

The Finnish (That’s Finland) National Rally has given rise to some of the world’s best rally drivers. It’s a land of sweeping mountain passes and snow… lots and lots of snow, so what better combination to breed rally drivers? It’s no surprise then that rally is in the blood of most Finnish youngsters and motor sport enthusiasts.

Nordic countries have combined to produce 16 WRC title champions since 1977. Perhaps you might have heard about some of the Finnish drivers? guys like; Ari Vatanen, Juha Kankkunen, Tommi Mäkinen and Marcus Grönholm. Whilst also being a breeding ground for great talent it, like any other hotly intense local competition is a survival of the fittest when it comes to the machinery.

Sure our beloved AE86 has done well in places like Japan, Australia, Ireland but what about the die-hard heartland of rally. Where the world’s greatest manufacturers grind their rally teeth? Where the record setting cars like the Audi Quattro and the Ford Escort RS battled it out with other makes like the Lancia Delta, Peugeot 205 GTI and Opels of various makes. I speak of Europe of course and one of its many snow filled battlegrounds; Finland.