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That First Big Step..


What is that first big step im talking about? Is it just getting a 4A-GE engine in your car? Is it your first track day? No this is that one big step that not everybody embarks on and only very few can really say they got it right.

It’s the engine rebuild.


Cyrious Drift!

Cyrious Drift 2009
A new video of Cyrious Productions has been released! Dan Cyr, brother of drifter Pat Cyr, documented all drift events his brother competed in. He made a compilation of the DMCC (Drift Mania Canadian Championship) Pro East 2009 season.


Mekaru Quad-Throttle Box


So you’ve finally got that ecu upgrade working and you’re running your quad throttle setup direct to air, but what about that ever looming danger of the dreaded defect station? Well Mekaru has the answer!


Brakku Rimiteddo!


Now, I’ll be honest; the Black Limited ain’t my cup-o-tea. The bronzy gold on black seems a little bit ‘FC3S interior’ to me and since it wasn’t even being sold by Eddie Murphy, who really wants to pay the premium? Well in this case you just might…


No. Sleep. Till Taupo!


Get sideways! Keisuke over @ 86Fighters has been hanging out in NZ and hanging it out with his drifting posse in Taupo.

This weekend was very eventful, normally quite important things like sleep and healthy food were not a priority: Late nights, drinking and having fun were on the agenda. Monday was a Drift Motorsports NZ track day run by Drew and Jodie, and a group of us had planned to go down to taupo on Sunday and stay the night….

What is it with drifters and being loose, crazy party-animals? Must come with the job description! Check out the gallery @ 86Fighters for more pics of the crazy weekend!

HachiRockin’ The Super GP


Diehard drift addict & HR Member Sam Holz was once again ripping up the taxpayers tarmac at this years Super GP! The four days of Super GP were said to be almost dreamlike: drifting the main streets of the Gold Coast with the cops waving at you to speed up – not slow down!

After taking some time out to recover from the post-race ‘celebrations’, we caught up with Sam for a little insight into his weekend:

The car was fitted with a matt black BN body kit from Ant @ Kaizen Garage. It had to be fitted to participate in the on track demos at the Super GP and also for thee Friday night competition (where the pics are from). Basic stickers were added to ‘spice’ the car up a bit too. New diff gears were also added two weeks before the event due to damaging the old ones. With only limited choice of a solitary diff centre, I had to go with a somewhat odd 4.8 ratio which was a big step from the 3.9 I’ve been running for what seems forever. All in all, the car held up well and with high temps on track, a water cooling setup was added at the last minute. In typical 86 fashion, we just moved the windscreen sprayer lines to the front to cool the oil cooler and radiator. It was budget but it worked – and well!  The throttle was sticking on full throttle all night at the comp and making things interesting but that was fixed for the GP with some backyard spacing and adding a large return spring to the throttle.

We’re you there to see it? If not, the boys should be at it again next year, so keep and eye on the Super GP website.  Hit the jump for more pics!