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D1 86’s for Export!

Want a sweet JDM AE86? Want it full of the best parts? Want it looking like it just came from a day at Tsukuba Circuit? Well now you can have everything you want!

We’re not at all sure of the legitimacy of service these guys provide, but their website has some DAAAAMN nice hachis on it.

Hit up this link for more insane D1 spec AE86 Love.

AE86’s at Oran Park

Initial Drift held a practice day last sunday at Oran Park, on the North Circuit. This saw three of our forum memebers, Brad (Steriodchicken), Andrew (DVS81N) and Indi (indi86) thrashing their treasured Hachi Rokus around the track.

To find out detailed information about their cars please check out their members rides on the forum.

More pictures after the Jump:


Winds Auto Preview

What a cute his-and-hers pairing! These two hachi rokus are owned by soon to be married couple, Kimihiro Obata and Hiromi Kakujima of Winds Auto fame. His car has a fully transplanted SR20 setup – hers, a stock 4A with quads slapped on… I’ll let you guys figure out which ones is who’s by the colour…

The Winds Auto shop (yes that tiny one-room shack in the background…) is located in Kumagaya in rural Saitama, smack-bang in the middle of hundreds of rice fields. It’s from here they service the country AE86’s and have done so for many years earning them quite the rep within the Japanese AE86 scene.

Aussie Journo Alexi Smith made the trip out there to write an article about their shop for an upcoming issue of HPI magazine. Not our for a few months yet, but when it drops be sure to pick it up ‘cos it also will include a whole lot of action shots from a Nikko circuit day aswell!

Image courtesy of Alexi Smith.

AE86 Hill Climber of DOOM!

You might be interested in what a Ukrainian man has done to a certain Trueno AE86 over in Europe.

The AE86 has a 1JZ in the front to begin with and the engine cooling setup to flow to the boot as a comprimise to the longer engine up front. It sports an IRS system under the back and also one heck of a body-kit. The car’s styling i think speaks for itself.

Pics after the jump.


Carland Meet in Kyoto

After our mini featurette on Japanese workshop Carland, most of you should be familiar with the Kyoto based company and its AE86 expertise. Now, Carland have just started to organise meets and events for their customers and other Kyoto based ’86 drivers. Their first meet last month in Kyoto was a meet up at the Arashi Mountain Takao Parkway Parking Area for a group photoshoot for the upcoming Toyota Levin & Trueno Magazine Issue 21.

Pics after the jump.


Video: NZ AE86 Rally Car

If you guys haven’t realised yet, I’m a bit of a rally nut….. Anyway I found this video of a New Zealand AE86 getting thrashed through the forests. This guy’s a really good steerer and I’m sure the car has lots of choice bits under it. The driver, Lyndon Galbraith, ended up finishing 1st in class, 1st 2WD and 15th outright, which is a pretty good result considering he would have been taking it easy as he just spent $20g refurbishing the car with a brand new drivetrain.

Here is the in-car footage from the first stage:

Also i found a newspaper article about the event:

Toyota Fest USA AE86 Pics

Toyota Fest USA 2008 was held in California last weekend, which saw hundreds of Toyota owners merge together to show off their pride and joy for all to see. Of course a Toyota car show would not be the same with out some of the best AE86s in the USA.

Some more pictures after the jump…


Want to Know How to Build an N2 ’86?

Every wondered how to build an N2 AE86? Well now you can with intricate step by step details!

This link will lead you to 23 Volumes about the development of the Kai Power N2 AE86, including everything from chassis to gearbox and of course the N2-spec engine.

Happy reading (if you understand Japanese, if not theres always Babelfish)!

Under the Watchful Gaze of Mt Fuji, They Gathered in Their 100’s…

We’ve got some great photos today from a short ‘touring meet’ in Hakone, Japan on April 27th. Not much else is known about the meet up yet but judging from the photos it was a huge success! White is ever popular as you can see …

Photos after the jump.


VIDEO: Motore Levin Coupe

We’ve done another tough week here at HR blog. All that watching videos and absorbing hachiroku goodness.. ahh wouldn’t it be nice if we could get paid for doing just this?

Sweetness comes in video form of the Motore Levin Coupe from Touge Showdown 2. Just love the sound of this car!

and as a bonus:

Yes, we’ve all seen it, but it never gets old!