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WTF: AE86 Front End + KE70 = KE86???

I think I’ll let the picture do the talking on this one…

Seriously… What the?

Source: Houston Imports

Formula D Singapore: The AE86 Has Still Got It.

Last weekend was the first ever Formula Drift event held in Singapore. The AE86 was well represented with at least 3 cars in the field. Tengku Djan, piloting his Trueno Hatch was leading up to the final battle but ended up finishing 2nd, due to a spin just before the finish line. He also took the honour of fastest entry speed, clocking in @ 107Kph on the speed trap. It Just goes to show the AE86 still has the potential to go up against the big-boys at pro level drift competitions.

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’86 Essentials: Carland

Carland might not be the most recognised name in the AE86 racing world, but their cars will no doubt be remembered long after the big names have gone from the circuit. Located in Kyoto, Japan, Carland has been instrumental in the restoration and maintenance of the entire nations AE86’s by way of their insane AE86-exclusive workshop and dedicated mook (a magazine book for those unfamiliar with the Japanese term), “Toyota Levin and Trueno Magazine” published by Tatsumi Publishing.


AE86 found in Grand Theft Auto 4!

UPDATE 2 MAY 2008: We have managed to find the elusive little car and have some better shots of the FUTO after the jump. It handles like a dream and is quite zippy in comparison to the other smaller cars in the game. We found it in the ‘Meadow Hills’ area of ‘Dukes’ for those who are yet to drive it.

It only took a day but an AE86 has been discovered in GTA4! Called a Karin FUTO (tofu reference?) in game, the car is obviously modelled on an AE86, a Levin coupe to be exact, and has the kouki clear fog-light grill and what looks like some 8-spoke RS Watanabe rims.

Even the engine bay got the perks as it sports a quad-throttle equipped 4A-GE and the interior is almost identical to a USDM AE86! Apparently it even has a sticker saying “Inline 20v Twin Cam” on the side! Looks like someone on the team was an AE86 fan! Thanks to you Mr mystery modeller!

Still, there has been no word on how it handles in-game yet or where it commonly turns up. We will let you know as soon as someone can tear themselves away for long enough to tell us!

Some pics after the jump!