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The ANNUAL 2011: TAS-Mania! 18 – 22 November

That’s right boys and girls! After much research (and arm twisting) we are going to Tasmania for the HR AE/KE Annual!

Previously we have been to Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne and last year Adelaide, and each time the Toyota fanatics  have put on a good show for the outsiders and taken us all to some of Australia’s best driving roads.

So now, we are heading to possibly Australia’s best driving state to see what the Apple Isle has for us!


MotorDriven x HR AE86 Annual


Local AE86 owner and gun lensman Matt Mead certainly gets around the motorsport traps here in Australia, but he took time out last weekend to join us on the 2009 HR AE86 Annual.  Check out his shots over at his blog MotorDriven.

HR AE86 Annual 2009: The Conspiracy…


The HR AE86 Annual for 2009 has come and gone… Even though everything was against us and many things tried to stop us!


AE86 Annual Time – Only 3 Weeks To Go!


Don’t forget! The HR AE86 Annual is only 3 weeks away on the 24th and 25th of October in Sydney!!

If you have been to the last few, you know what goes on! If you haven’t been before, now’s the chance to find out what all the fun is about!

We are having a track day at Marulan on the Saturday with both grip and drift sessions available, so what ever your action – being slideways, finding the fastest way through a corner or both – come on down! At only $120 dollars for the day, its the cheapest action your going to get without visiting Kings Cross!

There will be BBQ lunch on hand and drinks available, and spectactors will be free. So if you’re not driving, bring your camera and shoot all the action you can!  Sunday will be the usual BBQ lunch, talk shop and hard parking. After that its the secret touge route and then to the pub! Anything in between that can and does happen (and I do mean anything) and will be up to you to decide!

To register for the track day, visit our forums here. HOPE WE SEE YOU THERE!!

2009 HR AE86 Annual!


It’s that special time of year again… Yes! That’s right, it’s time for the 2009 HR AE86 Annual! So clear your schedules for October 24 and 25 and read on for the juicy details! (psst! it’s a wickedly exclusive trackday event with touge loving too!)


AE86 Annual 2008

I’m happy to announce the brand spankin new site for the AE86 Annual 2008 is done!


Come check it out and get all the low down on the MASSIVE event we’ve got in store for this year! Everyone is welcome to attend both days of hachiroku fun (and no doubt madness when Beau gets to QLD….) yes that means even you KE70 guys! We know HR is AE86 ‘exclusive’ but we’re more than happy for everyone to come down and enjoy the good times to be had!

Did i mention the $2500 bucks in prizes to be won? Oh no I didn’t… YES that’s right, We aren’t mental but thanks to our 2008 event sponsors Kaizen Garage, JDMYARD, AJPS and Royal Garage, we are proud to have selection of awesome parts and accessories to be won!

To be eligible to win all you need to do is come to the event in your AE86 (sorry KE guys!) and register with the HR Event Staff and hope your name gets drawn in the raffle! Prizes will be randomly drawn all weekend and anyone can win so don’t miss out!!

See you there guys, I wanna see Queensland show the rest of Australia’s AE86 community just how massive the AE86 scene is up there in my home town!