Chris O’Shannessy’s AE86 @ IPRA Nationals

While everyone else on the blog team was up in Queensland at the 86 Annual, I was stuck back here in Sydney due to a university exam on the Monday. However, on the Sunday I made the trip out to Oran Park for the Improved Production Racing Association (IPRA) Nationals.

I was pretty excited as I really wanted to see Chris O’Shannessy car in person and i was very impressed. It was definitely one of the best presented cars and the stroked 1888cc 4A-GE sounded amazing going around the track. Chris had a great weekend finishing up second in Under 2L class and finished 12th outright (out of 80 cars) in the final 18 lapping after starting in 30th place due to some car issues in earlier heats.

You can check out some shots of the car in action after the jump.

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HR AE86 Annual 2008 – The Wrap Up!

It was 8pm the night before I was set to drive 1100km+, crossing a state and traversing through 100’s of far-off towns on the way to Brisbane, Queensland from Sydney, NSW. I’d gone over everything on my trusty (though unproven over long distance) kouki Trueno coupe the day before; All the fluids were checked and pretty much everything was packed including tools and random spare bits and pieces.

Fellow HR Blog writer Harley was riding shotgun for the trip when I suddenly realised we’d be listening to the incessant ding-ding of the ‘Takumi chime’ (JDM AE86’s have a speed triggered warning chime) So for the 5th year running for our HR Annual, I’d be fiddling with something on the car (though very minor) right before we left. But this made me realise one thing was clear. HR Annual, the weekend that comes around only once a year.. was only just about to begin!

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Don’t forget folks, the AE86 Annual 2008 is happening in Brisbane this weekend! Karting, touge, drinks, laughs and over $2000 in prizes are guaranteed to be had so rock on down and say hi!

This also means the blog team is out of action until Tuesday whilst we’re interstate! Sorry but it will be worth it!

Check out for all the details.

See you there!

Just When You Think You’ve Done It…

I’m speechless….

The Master At Work!

In my general searching on YouTube I found this video of Ueo which was just uploaded today. It’s 2 minutes of 4A-GE symphony with the best steerer piloting a truly amazing AE86. It’s simply breathtaking how aggressive Ueo is behind the wheel and it’s a real shame he no longer drives a Hachi Roku in D1.

Top 10 Most Influential AE86’s!

If there had to be only ten AE86s to influence our scene – we think it would be these! Selected from all over the globe, the Australian scene has taken styling and tuning cues from Japan, Ireland, America and of course home soil. So hit the jump and check out what I think are the Top 10 Most Influential AE86s!

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One Shot: Night Of Fire

Last Saturday night on a touge road “a couple of hours out of Tokyo”….
Check out the wallpaper in the downloads section.

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Irish ProDrift AE86s

We all know the Irish are crazy, but we also know they have some of the best AE86 outside of Japan. From SR20 transplants to F20C installs to 2.4L NA BDA powered rally cars the Irish have tried it all.

If you don’t believe me you just need to look up the Irish 86 forums and check out these amazing picture from Paddy McGrath of some of the 86s competing in the Irish ProDrift series. Continue reading

AE86s @ Fuji D1 ’08

Alexi from noriyaro again provides us with the latest coverage out of Japan and today he shows us an endangered species – the D1GP AE86.

Caught in the wild at the D1 Grand Prix final in Fuji Speedway last weekend, these AE86’s are the few still competing in what has become a huge horsepower competition. It is a shame to see the AE86 losing it’s competitive edge in a world dominated by machines boasting 400ps power output figures, but it is still exciting to watch the dedicated ’86 pilots in their do-or-die corner entry speeds, flat to the floor to keep up with the big boys!

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Taniguchi Touge!

Nobuteru Taniguchi (or N.O.B aka No One Better) is probably best known outside of Japan for competing in his red HKS S15 Silvia in the D1GP and winning the championship in 2001. He later finished 2nd in 2002, 4th in 2003 and 2nd again in 2004 by that time switching to an SXE10 Altezza. However he’s also piloted some amazing machinery in some hotly contested compeitions from Super Taikyu to 24 Hour Nürburgring and even JGTC (for team R.E Amemiya no less!)

He apparently began his career racing minibikes (interesting…) amongst a list of achievements though what sticks in my memory the most is; basically he ‘set the bar’ for drift competitors at the inception of the D1GP compeition in Japan. That red HKS S15 was rather menacing. So a few years ago when I came across this video I was shocked to learn that someone who seemed to have always been a Silva driver actually learnt to drift in an AE86.

And heres the oldschool video to prove it (it’s been around for awhile) but it’s worth watching again… just to hear his commentary on what shoes not to wear while drifting (lol). Enjoy.

What are your favourite drift shoes? Hit the comments.