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AE86 related youtube clips that you need to see!

Race Yourself in GT5

In extra FT-86 news is another nifty feature from those tech-heads at Polyphone Digital.  On display at the Toyota stand at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon is the Toyota FT-86 G’s Sports, which boasts an even sharper exterior and a world-first “GPS-track day” unit co-developed with the creators of the Gran Turismo franchise and automotive technology giant Denso.

So what’s so special about the unit, you ask? From what we’ve learned, you will be able to drive your real FT-86 around a real track — the Nurburgring, for example — and then remove the memory card from your car, plug it into your PS3 unit and either “watch” your lap virtually or race against yourself, as your real car appears as the “ghost car” that you battle against.

The GPS unit was tested in a fully race-prepped Lexus IS F at the Nurburgring last October. If you look closely at the FT-86’s dashboard in previous press photos, you will see an outline of Fuji Speedway, a lap timer and an altimeter — which hints at where Toyota is going with this technology.

Word from inside Toyota is that they plan to roll out the technology on “most” future models, with the first of course being the FT-86 in late 2012. Also, as has been previously reported, the Gran Turismo developers are also working on launching a 3D version of GT5 as soon as 3D TVs become available on the market. We’ve taken a quick demo spin of the 3D version, which looks fantastic in early builds. Of course, that assumes GT5 will ever be finished. Latest intel we have is late summer of this year at the earliest.

Check out the gallery at MotorTrend.

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From Warsaw With Love

Lovely bit of video editing here. Hit the Vimeo page for HD quality! Thanks to the mad Polishman Mark Pakula for the heads up!

Amp’d AE86

amped gts 1
Canadian mobile phone provider Amp’d was featuring an AE86 in one of their commercials before they filed for bankruptcy in June 2007. Recently this video was found by AEU86 member Ivan141 and immediately a discussion was started about all the parts the car was featuring…

It was clearly a zenki 2-door Canadian (USDM spec) C0rolla GT-S with some (badly fitted) widened FRP fenders. During shifting you can see the spin turn handbrake button fitted. The wheels are hidden away behind a cheap set of wallmart hubcaps, but as you can see in the screenshot they are at least 15 inch and 7J wide. At the rear of the car the original US-spec bumper was still fitted and where did we see that front bumper before? USDM Corolla FX AE92?

Check out the commercial after the jump.


Battle Royale!

Evan over @ Royal Garage hit me up with this mad little video. Check out the lineup!

Old School, Denmark & Roundabouts

Here’s three somewhat unrelated videos for Friday but all good all the same. First up is the Revspeed festival from May 5 2002 in Maze Circuit. Love all the ‘old’ classic compacts head to head!


Need Buying Guidance?

Hot 80s Japanese babe in an AE86!

This mid 80s Japanese car buying guide tv show called Car Guidance was found on Youtube.  Apparently the format of this show was to have Japanese women review a car and tell everything about it (from a women’s perspective?).  Apart from the common Laurel and Mark II-like saloons they also did an occasional sports model, like the kouki 1985 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex Twincam…  Hilarity ensues after the jump!


Cyrious Drift!

Cyrious Drift 2009
A new video of Cyrious Productions has been released! Dan Cyr, brother of drifter Pat Cyr, documented all drift events his brother competed in. He made a compilation of the DMCC (Drift Mania Canadian Championship) Pro East 2009 season.


Brandon Leung’s AE86 Trueno

After recently seeing this amazing car again for the first time in a while, I thought it was only fair we shared it with everyone who might never have seen it. Originally a JTUNED project, this little hachiroku went through a few guises before coming out looking a million bucks as you see it in the video. I must admit, my monochrome Trueno project takes a few styling tips from this awesome streetcar! Check out Brandon’s super cool streetwear (and Honda Ruckus) shop (as featured in the video) @ Bowls LA!

Craziest Engine Swap Ever?

mascor ae86

Just when you thought you had seen every possible engine swap so far, here we are to prove you totally wrong! MasCor, a new member at AEU86, is a Turkish AE86 owner who did one of the craziest swaps I’ve seen so far. Can you tell what this hachi is hiding under its hood? Hit the jump to see the answer!


FT-86 Concept Already In Gran Turismo 5!

FT-86 concept in Gran Turismo 5 (AE86 cameo)

Now, how much more can Toyota do with their marketing campaign of the FT-86? They already stirred up things good by giving us very detailed photos of the FT-86 concept and only half a day later they present us with a video showing the FT-86 concept is already in Gran Turismo 5!  How did they hide that fact so well then?

Make sure to hit that HD button! As you can see the AE86 also makes a cameo at the end of the video and surprisingly it can keep up with the FT-86! Is the boxer-powered FT-86 that slow, or is the FT-86 driver just a bad drifter?