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AE86 related events & HR Official Events.

Luck Of The Irish

Apparently only a ‘small number’ of their regular attendees, the Irish AE86 scenesters got together last weekend to talk shop and do burnouts with a total of ‘only’ 60 cars attending. Apparently it was too cold for any more…

Dedication I say! Check the jump for the pics!


N2 Race @ Okayama Circuit 2008

I wish I was there to witness this with my own eyes… so awesome!

RB Drifting World Championship; Politics Over Substance?

I must admit my interest in the drift scene was re-ignited a few months back with the announcement of the Red Bull World Drifting Championship. A competition that would ‘bring together the worlds best drivers’ and bid them to do battle on a custom-made circuit so that no one would be at an advantage.

I keenly checked the website for news of which new drivers had accepted the invitation, and I was counting down the days when I learnt that two Aussies; 2008 Drift Australia champion Leighton Fine (An AE86 kid at heart) and Luke Fink (2008 runner-up) would be attending. NZ, Norway, Ireland the UK and a string of other countries were also represented. I take my hat off to the organisers in the this sense. They really went all out and tried to make the tournament live up to its title. But hold on…. it all looks to have gone a bit fishy according to some?


HR AE86 Annual 2008 – The Wrap Up!

It was 8pm the night before I was set to drive 1100km+, crossing a state and traversing through 100’s of far-off towns on the way to Brisbane, Queensland from Sydney, NSW. I’d gone over everything on my trusty (though unproven over long distance) kouki Trueno coupe the day before; All the fluids were checked and pretty much everything was packed including tools and random spare bits and pieces.

Fellow HR Blog writer Harley was riding shotgun for the trip when I suddenly realised we’d be listening to the incessant ding-ding of the ‘Takumi chime’ (JDM AE86’s have a speed triggered warning chime) So for the 5th year running for our HR Annual, I’d be fiddling with something on the car (though very minor) right before we left. But this made me realise one thing was clear. HR Annual, the weekend that comes around only once a year.. was only just about to begin!



Don’t forget folks, the AE86 Annual 2008 is happening in Brisbane this weekend! Karting, touge, drinks, laughs and over $2000 in prizes are guaranteed to be had so rock on down and say hi!

This also means the blog team is out of action until Tuesday whilst we’re interstate! Sorry but it will be worth it!

Check out for all the details.

See you there!

AE86s @ Fuji D1 ’08

Alexi from noriyaro again provides us with the latest coverage out of Japan and today he shows us an endangered species – the D1GP AE86.

Caught in the wild at the D1 Grand Prix final in Fuji Speedway last weekend, these AE86’s are the few still competing in what has become a huge horsepower competition. It is a shame to see the AE86 losing it’s competitive edge in a world dominated by machines boasting 400ps power output figures, but it is still exciting to watch the dedicated ’86 pilots in their do-or-die corner entry speeds, flat to the floor to keep up with the big boys!


Irish Meet Prequel!

A few months back we posted up some awesome photos of a huge AE86 meet in the land of the shifty leprechaun. It turns out that was the second such meet (or 3rd?) of 2008. Our Irish HR brothers like their meets, and thanks to HR forum member ‘JamesAE86’ we have now got a huge list of photos of the other meet(s) that went down. There are some nice cars on show for sure. My question is where is the love for the stocky clover AE86 rims? Where’s the patriotism! (only joking guys!)

Below is a fine selection of photos, naturally there is the obligatory ‘wet carpark’ photos (lol, no that’s not a euphemism) I think after seeing a bunch of photos of how the Irish lads do their thing it can safely be said that whenever you see a rainbow it doesn’t lead to a pot of shiny precious metal it actually leads to a carpark of several pieces of precious metal doing circle work! If you have any more photos feel free to hit the forums to share the wealth and also check out more of these pics.


Carland Autumn Meet

Since their very first meet was a success, Carland held a second one last weekend to enjoy the many changing colours of Autumn on the mountain roads!


Spot-T Night Meet

It being the last few weeks of summer in Japan, the ’86 enthusiasts in the land of the rising sun make good use of the warmer nights to gather in roadside parking areas and talk up all things hachi roku.  Only a few weeks earlier, the same crew attended the HACHiRoCK!! FeSTA 2008, but being the die-hard AE86 fans they are, were itching for another meet up before the frozen months set in, trapping them inside their houses for 3 months of AE86-less confinement.

Check the website for the rest of the photos. It never ceases to amaze me simply how many AE86 enthsiasts there are in Japan, and again how many of them are feverishly active within the Japanese scene.

AE86 Annual 2008

I’m happy to announce the brand spankin new site for the AE86 Annual 2008 is done!

Come check it out and get all the low down on the MASSIVE event we’ve got in store for this year! Everyone is welcome to attend both days of hachiroku fun (and no doubt madness when Beau gets to QLD….) yes that means even you KE70 guys! We know HR is AE86 ‘exclusive’ but we’re more than happy for everyone to come down and enjoy the good times to be had!

Did i mention the $2500 bucks in prizes to be won? Oh no I didn’t… YES that’s right, We aren’t mental but thanks to our 2008 event sponsors Kaizen Garage, JDMYARD, AJPS and Royal Garage, we are proud to have selection of awesome parts and accessories to be won!

To be eligible to win all you need to do is come to the event in your AE86 (sorry KE guys!) and register with the HR Event Staff and hope your name gets drawn in the raffle! Prizes will be randomly drawn all weekend and anyone can win so don’t miss out!!

See you there guys, I wanna see Queensland show the rest of Australia’s AE86 community just how massive the AE86 scene is up there in my home town!